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Download GTA Vice City APK +OBB Version 1.07 & 1.09 for free With GTA VC Cheats APK

GTA vice city APK v 1.09

Download GTA vice city APK+OBB version 1.07/1.09 and GTA VC  Cheats  apk for android,free from Gaming Guruji Blog. Find all info on how  to download GTA VC Game APK and how to extract GTA VC  obb files.

About GTA Vice City Game on Android

GTA Vice city game is available for android as a paid or premium game with 4.3 Star rating and it is no different from PC version of the Game.

Rockstar Games made this game available for mobile devices on 10 years Anniversary celebration. With high graphics,good controls and customization options, Grand theft auto vice city game has always been one of the Top Paid premium game in Play Store.

Rockstar games have always set a benchmark for their own Games and recent GTA V game, which is popular among all online Game lover these days, is quite different from GTA vice city and GTA san andreas. Though GTA V is not available on mobile yet.

I think GTA vice city still has so much popularity because this was the first game of its kind. As the vice city game hit the Android mobile devices it became one of the best offline game where the player is free to do almost anything from riding to killing people.

Although if you are seriously playing this game then you must complete all the missions and make progress in the game.

All the open world recreations made by Rockstar amusements are astonishing. The gta vice city is one of the best formations of Rockstar.

Each gamer Love to play gta vice city on an android smartphone since its release, earlier this was accessible for gaming on Playstation, xbox and Microsoft computers.

download gta vice city

Some memories of GTA Games

GTA vice city has been a popular game since it's release for P.C and if you guys remember many of us would go to cyber cafe to play this game for 10 or 15 bucks per hour.

In P.C you can have more fun by using some GTA V.C cheats, so Gaming Guruji Blog has also published the link for GTA Vice city cheats apk , also you should check out GTA San andreas and GTA III with cheats apk.

Because So Many people were looking to play this amazing open world game on mobile after android OS came into the market, so rockstar decided to bring GTA vice city and some other GTA games for android. And after following long stretches of discharge grand theft auto vice city is available to download into our android mobiles.

These days everyone has been enjoying online GTA V RP game which gives you indian servers to play and you can also communicate in hindi with other players.

But GTA V is not available to mobile, so you may love to play some trending online games like Free Fire-Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile .

Download Minecraft  APK (V.1.19)

How to Download Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City APK for Free on Android 

  1. Visit Google Play Sore.
  2. Search for GTA Vice City.
  3. If you can see the game there for Install, it means your mobile phone is compatible to run GTA Vice City game.
  4. Now from below given links Download one APK and one OBB file for free, you can download either GTA VC version 1.07 or 1.09.
  5. Next proceed to extract OBB data.
  6. Install GTA Vice City APK.
Most of the OBB and data files are either stored at Google drive or one drive, so that you can download at good speed but before download make sure that your phone Storage of device is at least 2.5Gb free.

I've given below links to download GTA VC version 1.09 but do not worry if you have downloaded version 1.07 as there is nothing new in version 1.09 but Improved graphics and some bugs have been fixed.

GTA Vice City Apk is an android package file of GTA vice city game and OBB file is data file for the game. To play game you must have both the files and apk must be installed on your device.

OBB files for heavy games like GTA are large in size so these files are mostly uploaded in compressed format like .zip,.rar or .7z and you must extract these data files in proper location.

Grand theft auto vice city is available on Play Store and is priced at $1.7 or INR121, but you can download GTA vice city APK + OBB for android, free from Gaming guruji blog.

GTA vice city Android Game with GTA VC cheats APK :

Now you can download GTA vice city cheats apk from below link and use the cheater apk as told in GTA III Game by Gaming Guruji. So enjoy GTA Vice city game with full power and fun using cheats.

GTA vice city cheats apk GamingGuruji

As I could not find the way to enter cheat code manually but on screen cheat codes are too much for fun to try. You can have full detail on GTA VC cheats from GTA Vice city Cheat codes available on net.

How to Install GTA Vice City APK on android mobile:

  1. Visit the link below and download any one OBB file and APK file of gta vice city on android for free.
  2. Once you have the obb file,Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of gta vice city.
  3. If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files) Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to "Android - Obb" location in your phone's memory.
  4. Folder name should be com.rockstargames.gtavc
  5. Install APK
  6. Run the game and enjoy.
How to Extract GTA Vice city OBB File :

  1. Download ZArchiver App from Play Store.
  2. Open ZArchiver app and go to location within ZArchiver App where you downloaded files.
  3. Select the GTA Vice City OBB file you want to extract. (Touch once).
  4. You will see a popup menu on bottom of your screen, just select extract then location where you want to extract and press the small, green button on the bottom of the screen to start extraction process.
  5. For more detailed info with screenshots on extracting process with Zarchiver App, Please visit GTA VC Most downloaded game of 2021-22 on Gaming Guruji Blog.

And For more detail of download and installation of any android game which you have downloaded from a website or app market other than Play Store, You can Read how to download and install android Game in Hindi.

Gaming Guruji APK Home is an easy and more authentic place for downloading GTA games and some other premium android games from one page. Downloads are around  or more than 1GB so make sure you have enough data before proceeding to download. Also these are latest APKs of GTA vice city game so ensure that your android mobile is running on at least Android version 5.

As this article has been written in English for global reach to help all those who are looking to download and install GTA games on android mobile but if you need to Read in hindi about how to download GTA vice city game  and installation process of android games then you can visit GamingGuruji (Hindi)  blog.

Free Download links for GTA Vice City APK and OBB by Gaming Guruji 

Note : No password is required for any zip/7z files I've posted, except third party links.


GTA Vice City Data Link (One Drive) (V.1.07)

GTA Vice City Apk (V.1.07)Link

GTA Vice City APK (V.1.07)Link 2

GTA VC new link (OBB + APK v.1.07)

New OBB data File V.1.09 Download Link

New APK File V.1.09 Download Link 
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