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Hitman go apk obb by gaming guruji blog
Gaming Guruji Blog presents you Hitman Go APK and OBB Download links for free. Hitman Go is also available to play on PS4,Vista and PC. You can also download the game from Play Store at ₹520 .

This mobile-only iteration of the classic Hitman games takes everything good about the series and transforms them in to a turn-based strategy board game.The player is tasked with moving the iconic Agent 47 around each board to get to the exit without being killed.

Upon loading the game for the first time,you are met with a level of presentation only found in Hitman titles.The deep reds, bright whites and jet blacks all scream "47" and this gorgeous style is continued throughout the entire Hitman Go experience.The game is presented as a beautiful diorama with realistic lighting and textures and the player and enemy characters being portrayed as board game pieces.

It's a diorama style turn-based strategy game that requires you as agent 47 to stealthily navigate your way across the board littered with enemies retrievable cases.

Before you start each stage, the player is taken to a pre-mission screen which displays the entire board, leaving them free to zoom in and out and see what goals and obstacles are for the level.Meeting certain criteria will earn the player Agency Insignias which are required to unlock the other boards.

To make it to the end of each level, the player has to survive, above all else.Naturally, it's a good idea to stay away from guards.Each guard type behaves differently.Early guards, for example, remain stagnant but the further you progress, guards will begin to move around or rotate on the spot.Approaching them from behind or the side though will knock them off the board allowing you to continue on your way.

There is more classic Hitman to be had with the addition of disguises that allow the player to pass by characters dressed in the same clothing. However, trying to sneak by someone who doesn't appreciate the particular clothing style that's been chosen will result in being detected and cleared off the board.

A distraction mechanic has been added that allows the player to throw objects such as rocks or cans.These will alert the guards within a predetermined radius.These becomes essential if attempting to collect bonus briefcases or complete a level under a certain amount of turns.Agent 47's signature Silver ballers also make an appearance as does a high powered sniper rifle, which allows you to take out targets from a distance.

Gone is the hectic first-person combat that could arise in the core games and in its place is pure strategy.When the player does get a firm grasp of the game's logic, it can become a little bit easy at times, and knowing that there's sometimes only one way to complete certain objectives can detract from the game's overall sense of urgency.

There is a hint system in place that shows the player exactly how to complete objectives should they become stuck.Five of these are offered out of the box,but more can be purchased if required.Hitman GO is a solid, beautiful puzzler that stays true to the strategic roots found in earlier Hitman games.

Although this game has been stripped down to just its core values of stealth and strategy in comparison to traditional Hitman games , you will thoroughly enjoy most of the situations that you have to play through there are plenty of levels to progress through and they are so well designed and unique that they don't feel repetitive all. 

It's very clear that each level has been carefully considered and skirting around various enemies and taking out marks felt exhilarating a feeling that you don't usually associate with Puzzle Games , experiencing this feeling in a different way through another Hitman title feels incredibly appealing.

After conquering each level it will really encourage you to continue chip in your way through the game presented as a board game each of the seven worlds are depicted as board game boxes that in case 91 grid-based levels both Asian 47 and his enemies have been transformed into attractive figurines which will move around the board via the grid lines each level also reveals a stunning diorama displaying various scenarios including iconic scenes from hitman blood money and hitman two silent assassin.

Gaming Guruji would like to stress that this game is quite challenging in some places however a hint system has been implemented for when you need a bit of extra help alternatively if you are remarkably persistent you may not even require hints.

When you make a mistake you'll have to restart the level this is something that you have to do often but don't worry it's reasonably quick displaying a short loading screen between each restart and the music remains constant.

The ambient sound effects give the player a nice grounding in reality and the game's four music tracks deliver a solid sense of tension and convey the inevitability of death.The classic "Ava Maria" is cleverly used during marked target levels giving weight to the actions of the player.

The game is extremely relaxing to play,as a direct result of this however if you do play the game for a long period of time the music can become quite repetitive after a while, in addition most levels have three objectives such as complete and X number of moves or don't kill anyone as a result the game has a lot of potential for replay ability.

How to Install Hitman Go :

  • Download The APK and OBB from given links. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract OBB folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll APK. 
  • Start the game and Play Hitman Go on your android smartphone.

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