GTA SA 1.08 cleo mod APK Google Drive Download Link - Gaming Guruji Blog

GTA SA 1.08 cleo mod APK Google Drive Download Link

Download GTA SA cleo mod APK version 1.08 and new 2.0 version from G Drive Links in 2021-22 and enjoy Mod GTA san Andreas android mobile game with inbuilt cheats in this cleo mod APK.

There are 2 download links of Cleo mod 1.08 APK, one download link for Android 10 & 11 and other is for lower version of android. With new APK and OBB you don't need to put the script separately, just download Cleo mod APK and OBB and install the game.

GTA celo mod apk 2021

How to Install GTA SA cleo mod APK

: Get The GTA Cleo Mod No Root APK from here, link is given at the end of this post provided by gaming guruji

STEP 2: Get the script in .zip from the link below

If you have GTA SA alredy Installed then follow the steps below, and If you have not installed GTA San Andreas game then please download and install GTA San Andreas V.2.0 APK and OBB .

STEP 3: Open your file manager and go to "INTERNALSTORAGE >ANDROID>OBB" AND look for com.rockstargames.gtasa file and change the file name to com.rockstargames.gtasa1

STEP 4: Do the same thing in INTERNALSTORAGE>ANDROID>DATA and find com.rockstargames.gtasa and change its name to com.rockstargames.gtasa1

Remember : Before uninstalling apk file of GTA SA you must do the step 3 and 4 above otherwise you'll lose all data of your game.

STEP 5: Now uninstall old GTA SA apk from your phone and install new apk downloaded from link below from gamingguruji blog.

STEP 6: after installing new apk now do the steps 3 and 4 above again and change file name from com.rockstargames.gtasa1 to com.rockstargames.gtasa

STEP 7: Now Extract the ZIP file of SCRIPTS and copy the extracted script in your phone's Internal Storage>Android>Data>com.rockstargames.gtasa


Download Links for  GTA SA cleo mod APK 

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GTA SA(V 1.08) cleo Mod APK Link (Third Party)

GTA SA(V 1.08) cleo Mod OBB+ APK MediaFire Link (Third Party)

GTA SA(V 2.0) Cleo Mod Download G Drive Link1

GTA  SA(V 2.0) Cleo Mod Download G Drive Link2 for Android 10 & 11 version

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