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Download Minecraft APK 1.20.60 Free for Android- MCPE APK Bedrock Version

Download Minecraft APK Free for Android 
Download Minecraft APK Version 1.20.50 Free for AndroidMinecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) or Minecraft bedrock is the first arcade game in Gaming Guruji Blog.

Highlights of the latest Minecraft 1.20.60 APK update:

  1. The addition of the armadillo mob.
  2. 23 other new features have been introduced.
  3. Various changes and fixes have been made.
  4. Experimental features have been included in this update.
  5. Bats have a new appearance.
  6. Decorated Pots can now hold items and be broken with projectiles.
  7. New experimental features like the Crafter block and new Copper blocks from the upcoming 1.21 update.
  8. The 'How to Play' screen has been updated and is now called the 'Encyclopedia' screen.
  9. Many fixes, improvements, and technical changes have been made.

New Features of Mincraft 1.20.50 APK:

  1. Decorated Pots can now hold more items.
  2. Machines like Hoppers and Droppers can now put items in and take items out of Decorated Pots.
  3. Comparator can now tell you how many items are in a Decorated Pot.
  4. Players can put items into Decorated Pots by interacting with them.
  5. You can't see inside a Decorated Pot, so you have to break it to get the items out.
  6. When you interact with a Decorated Pot, it moves and makes a sound.
  7. If you hit a Decorated Pot with something, it will break and drop the items inside.
  8. Now you can stack more Decorated Pots together, up to 64.
  9. The Bat has a new look, with better animations and colors.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, developed by mojang and now owned by microsoft, and is the best building and creative android game. Minecraft game can be played online and offline but to play online with friends,you'll have to pay. 

Although you need to pay for play offline too if you download minecraft apk from play store but you can download minecraft apk latest Android version for free from Gaming Guruji blog.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, offering players a unique gaming experience that combines exploration, creativity, and survival. The game has been played by millions of people around the world and continues to be a favorite for gamers of all ages. One way to enjoy Minecraft on your mobile device is by downloading the Minecraft APK, which allows you to play the game on your Android device.

What is Minecraft APK?

Minecraft APK is a file format that allows you to download and install Minecraft on your Android device. This file can be downloaded from various sources on the internet and is not available on the Google Play Store. The APK file contains all the necessary files and data required to run Minecraft on your device.

Features of Minecraft APK

Minecraft APK offers a range of features that make it one of the best games on Android. Here are some of the features that you can expect when you download and install Minecraft APK:

1. Unlimited Creativity - Minecraft APK allows you to build and design anything you can imagine. You can create your own world, buildings, and structures using the various blocks available in the game.

2. Survival Mode - Minecraft APK also offers a survival mode where you have to battle against monsters and other players to survive. You have to gather resources and craft weapons to defend yourself against the threats.

3. Multiplayer Mode - You can also play Minecraft APK with your friends in the multiplayer mode. This allows you to collaborate and build together, or compete against each other in various challenges.

4. Regular Updates - The developers of Minecraft are always working to improve the game and release regular updates. When you download Minecraft APK, you can expect to receive regular updates that will keep the game fresh and exciting.

How to Download Minecraft APK Free and Install 

Here's how you can download and install Minecraft APK on your Android device for Free:

1. Go to your device's settings and enable the "Unknown Sources" option under the "Security" tab.

2. Download the Minecraft APK file from a trusted source on the internet like Gaming GurujiGaming Guruji Blog.

3. Open the APK file and click on the "Install" button to start the installation process.

4. Once the installation is complete, open the game and start playing.

Minecraft APK is a great way to enjoy the game on your Android device. It offers a range of features that make it one of the most popular games on mobile devices. With regular updates and a thriving community, Minecraft APK is a must-have for all mobile gamers. So, download Minecraft APK today and start building your own world!

Minecraft 1.20 APK has been released and Gaming Guruji Blog has brought you the latest working APK as available.

New features in Minecraft version 1.20.

Minecraft 1.20 trails and tales just released and there are so many new features,blocks and mobs introduced. 

Two new mobs that got added first one is a camel which are ridable the same way horses are and can fit up to two players at once, they have 16 hearts of health and can naturally only spawn in desert Villages.

Camels can be bred with a cactus which is nice and can walk over 1.5 blocks high obstacles. 

Other mob the sniffer and the sniffer is an ancient passive mob that does not spawn naturally and can only be hatched from sniffer eggs that you can find from arcology.

Sniffer can sniff antique seeds for various unique decorative plants out of the dirt and Morse blocks, after sniffing out the seed the sniffer has to wait 8 minutes before it can sniff out any more seeds but what seeds can sniffer find well for that we have two new ancient plants the first one being the torch flower, its seeds can only be obtained from a sniffer and they can be used to breed chickens and sniffers or the tame parrots other than that when grown up the torch flowers are just a nice decoration,the second new plant we got is a pitcher plant,its seeds can only be obtained again from a sniffer and the pitcher plant can be used to craft cyan dye.
A new type of sign called the hanging sign,it can be crafted out of all the different wood types, there are three variants of the hanging signs,the first one just hangs below a block, the second option is hang it from a fence and the third option also my favorite is to hang it from the side of a block.

Another new feature regarding the signs is the ability to write to both sides of the sign so depending on which side you look at you could have different texts.

Bamboo until now pretty much the only use for bamboo was to make scaffoldings but this has changed now in Minecraft 1.20,we are able to craft the bamboo wood.

We also got the new bamboo related block called bamboo Mosaic you can use this to create new blocks slabs or stairs.

We also got a pretty unique new biome that is called Cherry Grove,this biom consists of mainly cherry trees and pink petals found on the ground which is also a new item in the game,this biome looks pretty nice.

Minecraft APK gaming guruji

About Minecraft Game

Minecraft Game is kind of creativity game and in the beginning you might feel this game a bit boring or you may feel what to do? But once you start playing minecraft in survival mode and you have made up your mind to build something or like getting Elytra then you will do things automatically for gathering necessary resources for different things.

I'd suggest you to play this game in peaceful mode first time while gathering resources in the beginning, mode can be changed in setting by pausing the game or at the beginning but if you have an auto farm which runs using any mob then do not switch from hard mode to peaceful because mob will de-spawn in peaceful mode.

Also if you have done good progress or going for some big challenge like fighting ender dragon or fighting in end city, do make a copy of the game from setting by pausing the game, option to copy the world is at bottom.

Minecraft is an open world game so you do not have any objectives to complete but you can make by yourself. Like I decided to have full diamond armor and necessary weapons , so I started mining and did that in multiple location to collect Diamond,Iron,coal and other items. 

You should also use enchantments on your weapons and armor in minecraft game, which gives you extra power and edge while fighting with mobs. For applying best enchantments, you need to have high XP which can be increased by doing different things but if you want to do everything fast then you can do auto farming of lots of things. I did auto farming of Iron,bonemeal and Gold+XP from watching JC Playz youtube videos.

Although I feel controls in Minecraft Pocket edition (MCPE) for android mobile are not good specially if you love to use Elytra But you must try this game at once.

With the entrance of Minecraft, you can investigate maps,battle or maintain a strategic distance from crowds, build mechanized contraptions, and framework structures without anyone else's input or with companions. 

Accordingly through the enhancement of this Minecraft bedrock edition, on the off chance that you dream it, you can fabricate it.That is precisely what you can do with this Minecraft application. It is the Pocket Edition thrilling amusement which enables the client to do develop anything, whenever, anyplace.

Download Minecraft free for android from below given links of  Latest Minecraft APK version1.19 with Mod APK . Also if you like to play older version 1.18 then you can download Minecraft's older APK version.

download minecraft for android

Mozang has launched Minecraft Wild update 1.19 recently after cave & cliffs update for all platforms like windows,xbox and Android etc.

Now Minecraft 1.19 APK is available to download and some major updates in latest minecraft version are :
  • Mangrove swamp biomes & mangrove trees can be harvested for a new wood type, mangrove trees can be planted on land and underwater.
  • Mud blocks can be turned into clay by draining the moisture out when you put the mud block on top of dripstone.
  • New blocks: Mangrove Log,Mangrove Leaves,Mangrove Propagule,Mangrove Planks,Mangrove Roots,Mud,Mud Bricks,Sculk,Sculk Catalyst,Sculk Vein,Sculk Shrieker,Frame Block.
  • New Mobs: Frogs and tadpoles,Allay,Fireflies.
  • Deep dark Biome.

What's new in Minecraft 1.19 wild Update :

Minecraft 1.19 update brings a new biome called the mangrove swamp this is a brand new biome that usually generates near the jungle or desert.

A new wood type the mangrove tree that means we got new blocks like mangrove logs planks leaves and all the other stuff that you can graft from the wood planks with the mangrove tree.

In Minecraft wild update we also got mangrove roots which makes this new tree type more unique looking under the leaves, we can find these little things called mangrove proper glaze which are basically like saplings. 

You can also just bonemeal the leaves to get some more of them and using bone meal it grows into a mangrove tree and this sapling also works in the water. Mud Blocks, this can be only found in the mangrove swamps or you can create the mud blocks yourself by using a water bottle on dirt but the mud can be dried up by placing it on top of a block that has the drip stone under it,this will drain the mud block and turn it into clay.

Then there is also a new block called packed mud that can be grafted from one mud and one wheat four of them can be crafted into mud bricks which open up the crafting for mud brick slabs,stairs and walls.

With Minecraft 1.19 latest update,the new biome introduced us to a new cute mob frog,frogs come in 3 different colours and they can be found all around swamps and mangrove swamps,they can jump up to 8 blocks high,swim in water and slowly walk on land.

Feeding two frogs with slime balls causes them to breed and then they leave a frog spawn in the nearest water similar to the turtles but you can't pick up the frog spawn, it then hatches into tadpoles and takes around 20 minutes until it grows up into a frog.

In Minecraft 1.19,we  can find another new biome called the deep dark.This biome is often covered with a new  block called skulk, skull catalyst,skull creaker and skulk sensor but these are  here for a reason and not for a good  reason.

The skulk's creaker has 4 levels,each time you make any type of noise the level will increase by 1 and it will  give you a darkness effect for 12  seconds when it reaches the 4th level,it will spawn a new mob called warden but if there is already a warden in a 48 block radius then it won't spawn a  new one and making no noise for 10 minutes will  bring the skulk's creek level down by one level.

The skulk sensor on the other hand  detects vibrations in a nine block  radius around it and if a noisy  vibration is caused by the player.The skulk sensor will pass it on to the  nearby skulk squeakers whose level will  then increase the skull sensor, is  actually a really cool addition to the  game because you can use it to make  wireless Redstone . 

Skull catalyst is another new block that  will spread the skull block if a mob  ties within 8 blocks radius  there is also a chance that the skulk  sensor or a skulk's creaker will spawn  but the chances of that are not very  high.  

With Minecraft Wild update, we also got a new structure called the ancient city, it's a fairly large  structure that stretches through the  deep dark biome and can be found at Y  level -52.

The ancient city has many long  corridors and wool or carpet on the  floor which prevents you from making any  noise, the ancient city has multiple chests  laying around and has a unique loot that  you can only get from there for example the disc fragments,you need to collect  nine of them to be able to craft the  music disc.

Minecraft Version APK (MCPE)  Update highlights :
  • Smoother Player movement.
  • Experience is farmed correctly when placing item in furnace.
  • Animation freezing bug fixed.
  • Improve in-Game market work.
Minecraft Version 1.18 APK Update highlights :
  • Change in Block placement for water,lava,snow powder and light Blocks.
  • Change in Mineshaft generation.
  • Improved Gameplay, many bugs fixed.
  • Better Mob AI.
  • Better world Generation with new update.
In Minecraft 1.18, new height expands 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down with 320 being the height limit upwards and -64 being the limit downwards, This completes the overall height limit to 384 blocks. And the cloud height was 120 blocks high but in minecraft 1.18 it's been increased to 192 blocks high. 

The buried treasure chest that you find with a map now have a chance to contain a water breathing potion which will be very helpful for your underwater cave exploring.  

Before Minecraft 1.18 evokers pillagers and vindicators would attack and kill baby villagers which was just very sad to witness however in 1.18 a change is made to where these annoying mobs would leave the baby villagers alone.

We have also received the infamous drip stone cave biome which looks like this now again this biome was added in 1.17 but wasn't available in normal minecraft worlds.

A change has been made to the adorable axolotl mobs, in Minecraft 1.17 axolotls would spawn in any biome of the minecraft world that contained water whether it would be a massive ocean or a small looking lake however in 1.18 axolotls will now only spawn in water that is within the newly added lush cave biome.

Before Minecraft 1.18, players could reset the weather cycle at any time when they slept in a bed however in 1.18 a change is made to where sleeping only resets the weather cycle if the weather is raining or if a thunderstorm is occurring this means you can expect more rain to occur in your minecraft world as sleeping in a bed isn't going to reset the cycle every time.

What's new in Minecraft Cave & Cliffs Update:

  • Lush Caves.
  • New Mobs : Glow Squid, Warden , Axolotl, Goat.
  • New Blocks : Sculk Sensor, Amethyst Geode.
  • New Resources : Copper, lightning rod, Telescope.
  • New Plants : Glow berry, Spore blossom, Water lilies, Azaleas.

minecraft apk 1.18 gamingurujiblog

Download Minecraft free for Android from below Links of Minecraft (MCPE) APK 1.20

Download Minecraft 1.20.60 APK (Latest PE Version)


Download Minecraft 1.20.5 APK  


Download Minecraft APK Version 1.20

Download MCPE APK 1.20 (zip file)
(Password : )

Download Minecraft free for Android from below Links of Minecraft (MCPE) APK 1.19

Minecraft APK Version 1.19 Download Link

Minecraft APK Version 1.19 Download Link2

Minecraft APK Beta Version 1.19 Download Link

Minecraft APK Beta Version 1.19 Download Link-2

Download Minecraft APK version 1.18 free for Android from below Links

Minecraft APK Version Download Link

Minecraft MOD APK Version Download Link

Download MCPE APK 1.18 Link 1

Download MCPE APK 1.18 Link 2

Download MCPE MOD APK 1.18 Link
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