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Top 5 best android games Download in 2021-22

Today we will tell you about Top 5 best android games Download in 2021-22 you should play and download for free from Gaming Guruji's site. There are tons of android games available in the play store and some other like PSP games and WR3D apk available on the net. But here we took top 5 best android games out of some top premium and fremium games available in the Play Store.

Top 5 android games by gaming guruji

1. BGMI : BGMI is now like a very common game for everyone after PUBGM in india especially and nobody needs explanation about this game. This game has not only given entertainment but esports career to many players too. So obviously Gaming Guruji has put this Game on 1st place of top 5 Android games.

As you all know PUBGmobile or BGMI Royal pass season get updates in every 2 months and also developer updates the game with some bug fix and new features too, which makes this game more interesting in every 2 months period. Game is free to download but needs a good high end device and high speed internet connection for running this game smoothly.

You can download beta version of PUBG mobile from Gaming Guruji's PUBG mobile beta post and try new features of the game before other players.

2. Minecraft : Minecraft is one of the best sandbox Android game available on playstore. This game is an open world game where player needs to survive and build things to fight against enemies. It may feel boring and confusing in the beginning but as you will start doing things then you would love it. Although Controls and some features are not as great as other platform like PC and Xbox but it is a worth game for retaining 2nd spot in our top 5 games.

Minecraft is available to download from Play Store at ₹450 or you can download Android game for free from Gaming Guruji blog Minecraft Post. This game can be played offline or online.

3. GTA Vice City : GTA vice city also does not need any description as it has been in the market for more than a decade and everyone knows about this Role play Open world game. It is a fantastic,entertaining and action packed open world game where player has to complete missions and roam around the world. One can have fun in the game once cheats are applied.

As this game has been on top gainer in play store for a very long period and also most searched on Gaming Guruji site so this game takes 3rd spot in our top 5 Game list.

GTA vice city game for android is around ₹120 in the play store but Gaming Guruji GTA Vice City post has provided many download links for the game to download the game for free.

4. GTA San Andreas : One of the best Android game from Rockstar based on some real incidents held in early 90's in new york. With its amazing storyline,music and graphics, GTA san andreas has become the favorite game for so many . Rockstar introduced customization in vehicles and clothing in this game.

On 4th position we chose another classic hit game GTA san andreas for our top 5 best android games, and possibly this may be the better game from GTA Vice city for many.

You can buy this game from Play stote at ₹181 or you can Download GTA san andreas game from Gaming Guruji blog.

5. Assasin's Creed Identity : Another best action Game with low rating available in the play store from very long time. Assasin's creed Identity is last but not the least choice for our top 5 game list. This story mode action RPG game is an online game with amazing storyline and action.

Assasin's Creed identity game is available at ₹151 on play store or you can download this game for free from Gaming Guruji's Assasin creed for android post.

Although we told you about best 5 android games especially hand picked by Gaming Guruji but there are 100s of android games available and you may like them too. Because we post links for premium/freemium games so in choosing best 5 android games we considered those games only.

There are other fremium or premium games like COD mobile,Free fire,Brawlers,fortnite,Amazing Spiderman 2 etc. Which are as better as these top 5 Android best games, so you may want to checkout those games too and if you are a person who likes to play puzzle and RPG games then you must checkout Gaming Guruji's other posts for all premium games.

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