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Download Latest GTA 3 Free For Android - OBB and APK Version 1.8 with GTA III cheater apk

GTA III APK by GamingGuruji 
Download Latest GTA 3 Free For Android - OBB and APK V.1.8 and GTA III cheater apk for android.Gaming Guruji has now given the Link for MOD APK of GTA 3 Game which gives you unlimited money without using any cheater APK,with cheater apk you have so many options to dominate in this game. 
GTA III for Android is a 3D open-world action game set in a fictional metropolis known as Liberty City,it's not the kind of place where you want to wander the streets alone at night or even in the middle of the day. 

This is much about love and romance as it is a gritty crime drama you need to play through, certain missions to unlock other sections of the city or new items such as guns and vehicles but because this is an open-world game you can choose to ignore them and simply use Liberty City as your destructive playground fancy jacking a car and mowing down a bunch of helpless.

Scattered throughout the city missions in which you take on tasks for a criminal gang,these include performing simple fetch quests,tailing rival gang members in a car and assassinating foes.

Crime is widespread fueled by corrupt police force and government that turns a blind eye to the city's vast criminal underworld you play as a small-time criminal who is betrayed by his partner in crime in a bank heist after being freed in an explosion field action set  piece you're set loose on the city looking for work and aspiring to rise up the hierarchy of the criminal underworld how you go about that is largely up to you

I found game controls little uncomfortable and looking around was tedious when using mod APK but it may not be the same case and you should give it a try. Sadly enjoying the original GTA III APK original game to its fullest is hampered by the touchscreen controls too.While the solution Rock Stars implemented, tries to make the best of the situation.

GTA III mod apk 3 game

Gaming Guruji has provided links to download GTA 3 for android for 100% free. I additionally have Surprise for you as GTA III cheater APK , Like GTA Vice city Cheats APK & GTA SA Cheater APK. So let's download the game and enjoy. The Gamer needs to download OBB and APK file to play this game on android mobile or one can directly download the game from Play Store

Perfecting GTA III takes about as long as completing all the story line missions in GTA San Andreas, the only missions that truly suck are the ones with time limbs because the affirmative markers don't give a clear indication as to where to go and cars take very little damage besides the only reward for all that effort is bragging rights which aren't very strong.

You get special rewards for completing side quests like import/export remote controls rampage kill friends is 100 hidden packages and services to the community taxi driver paramedic firefighter and vigilante for reaching the 100% mark.

There are no customization features unless you want to cheats so the only replay value lies in the war between you and the worst place in America

Grand Theft Auto games were made for this type of game play doing whatever you want if there were no consequences.

It gives you that freedom all the time just be careful because once you either busted or wasted you lose everything so whenever you complete a mission save often and find the quickest way to reach a pickup because safe houses don't replenish your health.

It's only fun if you've unlocked all three islands and have enough money to purchase decent weapons, there are different obstacles and ways to survive as long as possible even though you'll be spending most of your time driving. 

GTA 3 has an advantage over it successes is that the game plays faster and more aggressive even one star will start a demolition derby just steal a run on you'll be okay.

To download and Play GTA 3 in android you need at least 3GB space in your phone and an High end device with at least 2GB ram for flawless play. 

To play the game you  have to download OBB and APK files from given  below download links. And follow the process to install GTA III game on your android smartphone.

How to Install GTA 3 and Play GTA III in android:

  • Download The apk and obb of gta 3 for android. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract obb file of gta 3. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA III. 
  • Start the game and Play GTA III on your android smartphone.

How to use GTA III cheats with Jcheater APK :

  • After installing, open GTA 3 Cheater App.
  • Click on enable input method and from available keyboard enable JCheater(GTA III keyboard) (Press ok on any popup).
  • Click on choose input method and select GTA 3 Keyboard.
  • Now click on Start and you'll see small watermark on your screen with word "CHEAT".
Now play GTA 3 Game and in the game press cheat on your screen than select cheat you want to apply, press minimise to minimise keyboard.

Gta III cheats apk

With give me tank(something like tank) cheat you'll see different vehicles spawning in front of you,press again to change the vehicle.

 Download links for GTA III Game for Android APK & OBB :

GTA 3 APK Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 OBB Link (Latest Version 1.8)



GTA 3 MOD APK Link (V.1.8)
Remember While using mod apk please Resume the game not New game when you start to play.

GTA III cheats APK Link
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