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Thursday, 1 June 2028

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City APK and Data (New Working) download Link for Android

Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android:

Welcome companions on our Gaming blog by Gaming Guruji. I know you want to download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game for android. The open world recreations by rockstar are astounding.

A large number of you requesting me that how to download gta vice city on android for nothing in android. So here is an arrangement, I will disclose to you how to get gta vice city obb + apk data in android. So let's start for more open world diversions you can check Rockstar amusements.

Gaming Guruji Blog GTA vice city
All the open world recreations made by Rockstar amusements are astonishing. The gta vice city is one of the best formations of Rockstar. Each gamer Love to play gta vice city on an android smartphone since its release, earlier this was accessible for gaming on Playstation, xbox and Microsoft computers.

GTA vice city has been a popular game since it's release for P.C and if you guys remember many of us would go to cyber cafe to play this game for 10 or 15 bucks per hour. In P.C you can have more fun by using some GTA V.C  cheats and I've also published the link for GTA San Andreas and GTA III with cheats apk, so you should check that out.

Many individuals request rockstar to make this amusement for android. So following long stretches of discharge we can download grand theft auto vice city into our android mobiles.

Also, you may like new android game Free Fire-Battlegrounds and if you like play game like Halo than you should play Deadheads.

About Grand Theft Auto Vice City:

The diversion gta or grand theft auto vice city is accessible on Play Store. The Price of GTA game is $1.7 or INR121. Numerous individuals don't manage the cost of the diversion and gaming guruji disclosing to you how to download the game in android. So read carefully.

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The Process is extremely Simple and Working. In the wake of downloading amusement, you can run it in your device. The prerequisite is that amusement is simply appearing in your android smartphone's Play store. On the off chance that amusement is noticeable than the download of diversion is simple and you can play it. So let's continue to know the procedure to download gta VC for nothing.
The download Link of gta vc is given beneath. The connection of amusement is from direct third-party link. So you can download gta obb and apk data at quick speed.after download ensure phone Storage of device has not less than 1.5 gb free.

Apk is a android package file of GTA vice city game and OBB file is data file for the game. To play game you must have both the files and apk must be installed on your device. OBB files for heavy games like GTA are large in size so these files are mostly uploaded in compressed format like .zip,.rar or .7z and you must extract these data files in proper location.

The Installation Process of Grand Theft Auto Vice City in android:

  • Visit the link below and download any one OBB file and APK file of gta vice city on android.
  • Once you have the obb file Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of gta vice city.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • . Folder name should be com.rockstargames.gtavc 
  • Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to Android - Obb location in your phone's memory.
  • Install apk .
  • Run the game and enjoy.
You can watch This Youtube Video which is in HINDI for game installation guide and little game-play of GTA Vice City. Or visit this LINK for game installation guide in hindi. In The video, Game has been installed with one drive obb link and GTA vice city APK link.

How to Extract GTA Vice city Files :
1. Download ZArchiver App from Play Store.

2. Open ZArchiver app and go to location within ZArchiver App where you downloaded files.

3. Select the GTA Vice City file you want to extract. (Touch once).

4. You will see a popup menu on bottom of your screen, just select extract then location where you want to extract and press the small, green button on the bottom of the screen to start extraction process.

Still have doubts? You can watch this video :

Links :
Third Party Link

GTA Vice City Apk Link
GTA Vice City APK Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link
GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link
GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link  (1Drive)

GTA Vice City Data Link (One Drive)
GTA VC new link (OBB + APK v.1.07)

Guys there is a new GTA Vice city type game in hindi which is free to download at play store, and I am telling you guys that you gonna enjoy this game although there are some bugs but we hope that will be fixed by developer soon.
Download Indian styled GTA Game.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

PUBG Mobile New v.0.11.5 Beta Update for Android | Zombie Mode | Download Link

PUBGmobile zombie mode with new overall updated Beta v.011.5 on android has been available to download and I've brought you the link to download now so all of you guys who wants to try beta version can download the apk from given Link but remember one user can run only one version per smartphone, I think it means you have to uninstall the already installed stable version of the PUBGmobile Game.

Pubg mobile zombie mode

With this PUBGmobile apk you can play zombie mode and also there is Resident Evil main menu theme.

PUBGmobile zombie mode has now been released in February 2019 in 0.11.0 version and no PUBG career game result impact in every beta version like now v.011.5,there will be seperate career mode in final version, so RP and other progress you will make in beta app of the game is not going to add in your career in final version of the game.

There are two modes in PUBG game Classic and Arcade and in the Classic mode there are 4 maps available Erangel,Miramar,Sanhok and Vikendi to play the game while in Arcade mode there are three map War,Mini zone and quick match and you can play PUBG in Single,Duos and Squad team in TPP and FPP.

In zombie mode of PUBG mobile there will be an extra Event Mode with Classic and Arcade. But you can play event mode with Squad game only in beta mode. We hope in final version of PUBGmobile zombie mode, you will be able to play Single,Duos and squad team match.

pubg mobile zombie mode for android

Zombie mode of PUBG mobile is very interesting as you fight with the zombies and zombies do not use any weapon but can kill you with their own quality. Like male zombies spit on you,female zombies scratches and tyrants will attack by throwing stones.

As we all know PUBG game has been trending amongst all gamers since its release. PUBG can be played on all platform and most popular version is PUBGmobile on PC with emulator and some emulator players have already got this version which you can watch in their PUBG Mobile stream on Youtube.

Some highlights of PUBG mobile beta v.0.11.5 update

In latest beta update, you can find dynamic weather in Erangel and miramar, a new rifel G36C in Vikendi map of PUBG and a new vehicle Tukshai for Sanhok .

In the event mode, zombies will be able to enter to more places in map and you will find more zombies outside the zone,damage outside zone in the night has been increased etc.

So to enjoy all this update early , you need to download PUBG mobile beta version 0.11.5 from the given below link.

PUBG Mobile beta v.011.5 Download Link
(the html page may get downloaded rather than opening page, so you can open downloaded html page in browser and then click on Android version to download the PUBG mobile beta game)

Final version 0.11.5 of PUBG Mobile with Royal Pass season 6, will be released on 20TH February 2019 and if you haven't downloaded Pubg on your mobile yet then you can download it from Play store for Free।।

APK Link for PUBGmobile Zombie Mode beta version (Expired, as final zombie mode had been released)

Monday, 11 March 2019

Max Payne Mobile Game Apk Obb file link

Max Payne Mobile Game – an offline game with a fun activity shooter for android with the plot of this motion picture activity motion picture. In this amusement, Bullet Time (backing off in shooting) innovation was presented in the primary diversion.

Presently, every one of these impacts, shooting in moderate movement and a terrible tense plot, are exchanged to the portable stage!
Max payne mobile

Max Payne, the honor winning title is currently accessible for Android phones. This offline game is nice to play in your android mobile phone.

Screen size of the max payne game will be same as modern combat 4 game and graphics in the game are same as gta vice city game.

Game is sold under Rockstar games label ,and also Other famous game you can find by rockstar in GamingGuruji Blog.

GTA Vice City | GTA 2 SA | GTA 3 | GTA 5

A criminal covert cop encircled for kill, chased by cops and the crowd, Max is a man with his luck run dry, battling a fight he can't would like to win. Max Payne mobile game is a steady story-driven amusement about a man on the edge, battling to demonstrate his innocence while attempting to reveal reality about his killed family among a bunch of plot-turns.

The notable unique true to life activity shooter, Max Payne presented the idea of Bullet Time® in video games. Through its snazzy moderate movement gun play joined with a dull and bent story, Max Payne reclassified the activity shooter kind.

How to Install Max payne mobile Game :

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Get the Max Payne mibile data that are mostly in obb format.
  4. Install apk but Don’t open it.
  5. Extract the Max Payne Game Data file by using any zip extractor.
  6. Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/obb/ and name this folder to com.rockstar.maxpayne or you can directly extract zip file to sdcard/Android/obb/ 
  7. Note: Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.
  8. Now run your game without any errors.
I'd suggest you to download original apk and obb from link 1 in next page when you click the link below.

Max Payne OBB File Link

Max Payne APK File Link

Max payne android mobile game screenshot

Friday, 15 February 2019

GTA 3 Android Download OBB and APK with GTA III cheater apk

gaming guruji blog gta3

Hi Guys today we will give you links to download gta 3 obb and apk and GTA III cheater apk for android. With GTA III cheater apk you have so many option to dominate in this game.

The rockstar Game organization outlined this game couple of years back.The Game is Open World Game. The Gamer needs to download GTA 3 obb and apk file.

So I discovered these links to download gta 3 into android for nothing. I additionally have Surprise for you as gta III cheater apk. So lets download gta 3 and enjoy.

There are many Games made by Rockstar and all are astonishing but GTA 3 is one of best ever by them. The gta is open world sort of game. In Open world Games we can do anaything we need. It is extremely interesting to play open world recreations.

When we think about open world recreations we consider the gta diversions like gta vice city and gta sanandreas. On the off chance that you adores gta 3 then its likewise best sort of diversion.

The gta 3 game is accessible to download on play store. The cost of amusement is high. So everybody need to download gta 3 for nothing in mobiles. So to download the gta 3 on mobiles gaming guruji is providing you links to do it for no price.
To download and Play gta 3 in android you should need enough space in your phone. The connection link to get gta is given below.

To play the game you  have to download gta 3 files from given  below third party link. And follow the process to install GTA III game on your android smartphone.

The Process to download gta 3 and Play gta III in android:

  • Download The apk and obb of gta 3 for android. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract obb file of gta 3. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA III. 
  • Start the game and Play GTA III on your android smartphone.

How to use GTA III cheats with Jcheater APK :

  • After installing, open GTA 3 Cheater App.
  • Click on enable input method and from available keyboard enable JCheater(GTA III keyboard) (Press ok on any popup).
  • Click on choose input method and select GTA 3 Keyboard.
  • Now click on Start and you'll see small watermark on your screen with word "CHEAT".
Now play GTA 3 Game and in the game press cheat on your screen than select cheat you want to apply, press minimise to minimise keyboard.
Gta III cheats apk

With give me tank(something like tank) cheat you'll see different vehicles spawning in front of you,press again to change the vehicle.

To Download GTA III Game follow the below link:



GTA III cheats APK Link

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Return to Planet X Game for Android APK and OBB link

Today Gaming Guruji has brought you, Return to Planet X, which is another premium action game for android and if you loved to play Slaughter 2 game than you are going to enjoy this action game too.
Return to planet x game Android

Game story is something like that you are all alone left in another planet at some secret military base, all your other teammates has been died and now you have to complete the mission all alone where you will face alien bugs who looks like spiders.

You will find weapons, medical kit and other stuff in safe. To open the Safe, just go near to it and when you see a wrench symbol on that just toch that.. That is how you interact with objects in the game.

Return to planet x game may be liked by those who love to play offline and less violent game, if you love to play offline first person shooting game and violence than you should try Modern combat 4 or Max payne on android device.

This game's sound create the game environment so scary and as there is not much light and you'll see Skeltons, dead alien bugs and some other stuff, you might not have seen in other games.

As far as armour you get in this game, Return to planet x, are Laser guns, grenades, explosives, machine gun and flamethrower.

I would say game is good and you can try it if you play offline games and you are kind of first person shooting game lovers as It is the first person shooting game.

Because of good graphics and different kind of Game story, you'll definitely enjoy it but what I found that game controls are bit different in the game which you can not customize except sensitivity but it's ok.

How to Install Return to planet x Game on Android :

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Get the RTPX data that are mostly in obb format. 
  4. Extract the Return to Planet X Game obb file by using any zip extractor.
  5. Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder or directly extract into the location internal memory/Android/obb/. 
    Note: Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.
  6. Extract apk from zip file and Install APK. 
  7. Now run your game without any errors.

You can get Return to Planet X game from play store at $8 or ₹590 or check out the below links.



Saturday, 9 February 2019

Premium Puzzle Games by Guruji : Fun to Play Mind Game

Guruji this time has brought you premium puzzle and mind games for android. As you all know Guruji has always made all efforts to provide you best games to play and enjoy gaming on android.

These puzzle, mind-boggling games are fun to play yet sometimes frustrating because you don't have any idea of what to do next?

Mostly Puzzle games are played with trial and error method and gradually you learn to crack the puzzle or mechanism followed in the game.

Love to Play Games? Try These :

But there is one game Gorogoa,where you have no idea for solving the puzzle, only help you get is from images shown in the game but still I've to go to Youtube for help. Other games you can play and move ahead as you continue playing those games.

Most important, these puzzle and mind games can be played by children too and I think by playing games like these, children will definitely improve their problem solving skill.

So, let's see, why Guruji has chosen these premium puzzle games and what these mind games are all about.

Limbo : Limbo is an adventurous puzzle game on android where player walks in dark and need to move ahead alive by saving himself from death trips,sharp needles and many more obstacles. You can move or handle things in game by going near and tap and hold on you right screen and then move. You can get this game from Play Store at $4.53 or ₹322.50.

Limbo premium puzzle game

Leo's Fortune : This game Leo's Fortune is also an adventurous but physics based puzzle game and if you have played Badland than you can easily play game by understanding and solving hurdle and death mechanism that has been put on your way. There are 5 Acts or say map in the game,Fortune Lost,Cousin Victor's Loss,Aunt Olga's Fall,Uncle Sergej's Doom and A Heart of Gold, where you have to pass all levels in each act to play further. Leo's Fortune is available at Play store for $4.78 ₹340.

Leos fortune premium puzzle game by guruji

Gorogoa :  Guys this is most difficult and premium puzzle game on android I've ever found that will leave you frustrated.. Really there is nothing to help you, you've to use all your brain to solve puzzles and move ahead in the game.. I'd suggest you to please watch the gameplay once on youtube. Gorogoa is available on play store at around $4.78 or ₹340.

Gorogoa premium mind game by guruji

Apart from above 3 amazing mind boggling puzzle games, Guruji has already provided you link of Lara Croft Go Game which is very nice premium and android play store editor choice game with good graphics and sound, so don't forget to check that out.

OBB file of all the above android puzzle games need to be extracted or copy/cut and paste extracted folder into Android-Obb location.