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GTA Vice City APK and Data download Link - Gaming Guruji

GTA Vice City by gaming guruji

Today Gaming Guruji is going to tell you how to download gta vice city obb data and apk on android. So here I, a gaming blogger,bring full detail to you on how to get gta vice city obb data and apk in android for free. So without any delay let's start.

Welcome friends on our Gaming Guruji Blog. I know you have always been looking to download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game for free on your android mobile and visiting tons of websites and blogs but here I give you all genuine download links at one place to Download GTA Vice City game.

First let's talk about Grand theft auto vice city on Android.

About Grand Theft Auto Vice City in Android

GTA Vice city game is available on android as a paid or premium game with 4.3 Star rating and it is no different from PC version of the Game.

Rockstar Games made this game available for mobile devices on 10 years Anniversary celebration. With high graphics,good controls and customization options, Grand theft auto vice city game has always been one of the Top Paid premium game in Play Store.

Rockstar games have always set a benchmark for their own Games and recent GTA V game which is popular amongst all online Game lover these days is quite different from GTA vice city and GTA san andreas. Though GTA V is not available on mobile yet.

I think GTA vice city still has so much popularity because this was the first game of its kind. As the vice city game hit the Android mobile devices it became one of the best offline game where the player is free to do almost anything from riding to killing people.

Although if you are seriously playing this game then you must complete all the missions and make progress in the game.

All the open world recreations made by Rockstar amusements are astonishing. The gta vice city is one of the best formations of Rockstar.

Each gamer Love to play gta vice city on an android smartphone since its release, earlier this was accessible for gaming on Playstation, xbox and Microsoft computers.

Some memories of GTA Games

GTA vice city has been a popular game since it's release for P.C and if you guys remember many of us would go to cyber cafe to play this game for 10 or 15 bucks per hour.

In P.C you can have more fun by using some GTA V.C cheats, so Gaming Guruji has also published the link for GTA Vice city cheats apk , also you should check out GTA San andreas and GTA III with cheats apk.

Because So Many people were looking to play this amazing open world game on mobile after android OS came into the market, so rockstar decided to bring GTA vice city and some other GTA games for android. And after following long stretches of discharge grand theft auto vice city is available to download into our android mobiles.

These days everyone has been enjoying online GTA V RP game which gives you indian servers to play and you can also communicate in hindi with other players.

But GTA V is not available to mobile, so you may love to play some trending online games like Free Fire-Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile .

How to Download Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City on Android Mobile

First you must check if GTA Vice city will run on your mobile or not?. To know if this game will run on your device or not, just go to play store and search Grand Theft Auto vice city, and if you see the game there to install then hurray you can continue to the procedure to download grand theft auto Vice City for free.

gta obb and apk data
at good speed but before download make sure that your phone Storage of device is at least 2gb free.

I've given below link to download Grand Theft Auto VC version 1.09 but do not worry if you have downloaded version 1.07 as there is nothing new in version 1.09 but Improved graphics and some bugs have been fixed.

GTA VC Apk is an android package file of GTA vice city game and OBB file is data file for the game. To play game you must have both the files and apk must be installed on your device.

OBB files for heavy games like GTA are large in size so these files are mostly uploaded in compressed format like .zip,.rar or .7z and you must extract these data files in proper location.

Grand theft auto vice city is available on Play Store and is priced at $1.7 or INR121, but Gaming guruji blog provides you free link to download the game on your android mobile.

GTA vice city Game with GTA vice city cheater APK :

Now you can download GTA vice city cheater apk from below link and use the cheater apk as told in GTA III Game by Gaming Guruji. So enjoy GTA Vice city game with full power and fun using cheats.

GTA vice city cheater apk code screenshot
As I could not find the way to enter cheat code manually but on screen cheat codes are too much for fun to try. You can have full detail on GTA VC cheats from GTA Vice city Cheat codes .

The Installation Process of Grand Theft Auto Vice City in android:

  • Visit the link below and download any one OBB file and APK file of gta vice city on android.
  • Once you have the obb file,Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of gta vice city.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • Folder name should be com.rockstargames.gtavc
Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to "Android - Obb" location in your phone's memory.
  • Install APK
  • Run the game and enjoy.

How to Extract GTA Vice city Files :

1. Download ZArchiver App from Play Store.

2. Open ZArchiver app and go to location within ZArchiver App where you downloaded files.

3. Select the GTA Vice City file you want to extract. (Touch once).

4. You will see a popup menu on bottom of your screen, just select extract then location where you want to extract and press the small, green button on the bottom of the screen to start extraction process.

For detailed guide with screenshots please visit Gaming Guruji Blogger GTA Vice City post.

And For more detail of download and installation of any android game which you have downloaded from a website or app market other than Play Store, You can Read how to download and install android Game in Hindi.

Links for Download GTA Vice City Game for Android by Gaming Guruji :

Third Party Link For GTA VC

Note : No password is required for any zip/7z files I've posted except third party links.

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link

GTA Vice City Data Link (One Drive) (V.1.07)

GTA Vice City Apk (V.1.07)Link

GTA Vice City APK (V.1.07)Link 2

GTA VC new link (OBB + APK v.1.07)

New OBB data File V.1.09 Download Link

New APK File V.1.09 Download Link 

MOD OBB file V.1.09 Download Link

MOD APK File V.1.09 Download Link (Unlimited Money)


Watch Youtube Videos for download and Install Help.

Gaming Guruji download page is an easy and more authentic place for downloading GTA games and some other premium android games. Downloads are around  or more than 1GB so make sure you have enough data before proceeding to download. Also these are latest APKs of GTA vice city game so ensure that your android mobile is running on at least Android version 5.

As this article has been written in english for global reach to help all those who are looking to download and install GTA games on android mobile but if you need to Read in hindi about how to download GTA vice city game  and installation process of android games then you can visit GamingTubez  blog.

GTA San Andreas latest Version 2.0 with cheats and mod APK by Gaming Guruji

GTA san andreas by Gaming guruji
Gaming Guruji Blog has brought you a new download link for your favorite game GTA san Andreas new version 2.0 with cheats apk and mod apk.

In the latest version of GTA SA 2.0, some bugs have been fixed and I'd suggest you to play this game with mod apk so that you would find more graphics settings and other settings. Graphics have been improved a little bit.

As you know Gaming Guruji has always made efforts to provide you latest version of all games or any latest gaming info available. GTA games have always been trending for this blog so I try to update links and information regularly.

Remember before downloading the GTA SA obb file, your mobile phone must have at least 5-6 GB space if you are downloading the game in internal memory because GTA San Andreas OBB file size is around 2.5 GB and then you will extract it in your mobile's internal storage.

GTA san andreas latest 2.0 by gaming guruji blog

GTA is a very popular game in P.C and Mobile not among teens but children too.

GTA San andreas or gta 2 game is one of the top grossing game in android play store.

Even a few gamers might have been playing this game since their childhood, because we are free to do anything in the game. My favorite vehicles were bikes,trucks and a helicopter. And with GTA SA cheats apk you have everything you wanted, from unlimited money to unlimited health and many other.

GTA Liberty city stories| GTA Celo Mod | GTA IIIGTA V | TEKKEN Game |

So enjoy the game with GTA San Andreas cheats apk provided by gaming guruji blog and don't forget to share this blog to your friends.

Some features of GTA SA mod APK

  1. Cloud saving option is available, all game progress can be saved online.
  2. Better on screen control options are available.
  3. More Graphics control options are available, if you are facing any lag issue than you can change the graphics setting with mod apk.
  4. More language options available.
  5. MoGA wireless game controller compatible with almost all bluetooth and usb gamepad.

How to Install and Play GTA San Andreas in android:

  • Download The files contains apk and gta SA OBB data in android phone. 
  • Extract OBB file using Z-Archiver or any other app.
  • Cut/Copy and Paste or directly extract obb  folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA SA 2.0. 
  • Play the game.. Enjoy..
  • Read GTA SA  100% Save Game

How to Apply GTA San Andreas Cheats :

gta san andreas cheats apk

  1. Play the gta san andreas game and when you reach the CJ house , Save the game in new slot.
  2. Now open GTA SA cheats APK and after reading some instruction click continue and you will see Saved Game i.e Save 1 ,click on that and apply the cheats you want and save.
  3. Go to GTA San andreas game and don't resume game but Start game then load game and click on your saved game than Yes.

Download Link for OBB Data (Latest version 2.0)

GTA SA Version 2 APK Link

GTA SA Version 2  MOD APK Link

Download link for OBB Data

Download Link 2 for OBB Data

Download Link for APK File (.zip file)
There are two APK files in the zip file so unzip and install which works for you. Tested 22mb(around) apk file which really worked.



GTA 3 Android Download Latest OBB and APK Version 1.8 with GTA III cheater apk

GTA III 3 by gaming guruji
Hi Guys today we will give you links to download Latest version 1.8 of  GTA 3 obb and apk and GTA III cheater apk for android. With GTA III cheater apk you have so many option to dominate in this game.

Also Gaming Guruji has now given the Link for MOD APK of GTA 3 Game which gives you unlimited money without using any cheater apk.

I found game controls little uncomfortable and looking around was tedious when using mod apk but it may not be the same case and you should give it a try.

Remember While using mod apk please Resume the game not New game when you start to play.

GTA III mod apk 3 game

The rockstar Game organization outlined this game couple of years back.The Game is Open World Game. The Gamer needs to download GTA 3 obb and apk file.

So I discovered these links to download gta 3 into android for nothing. I additionally have Surprise for you as gta III cheater apk. So lets download gta 3 and enjoy.

There are many Games made by Rockstar and all are astonishing but GTA 3 is one of best ever by them. The gta is open world sort of game. In Open world Games we can do anaything we need. It is extremely interesting to play open world recreations.

When we think about open world recreations we consider the gta diversions like gta vice city and gta sanandreas. On the off chance that you adores gta 3 then its likewise best sort of diversion.

The gta 3 game is accessible to download on play store. The cost of amusement is high. So everybody need to download gta 3 for nothing in mobiles. So to download the gta 3 on mobiles gaming guruji is providing you links to do it for no price.
To download and Play gta 3 in android you should need enough space in your phone. The connection link to get gta is given below.

To play the game you  have to download gta 3 files from given  below third party link. And follow the process to install GTA III game on your android smartphone.

The Process to download gta 3 and Play gta III in android:

  • Download The apk and obb of gta 3 for android. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract obb file of gta 3. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA III. 
  • Start the game and Play GTA III on your android smartphone.

How to use GTA III cheats with Jcheater APK :

  • After installing, open GTA 3 Cheater App.
  • Click on enable input method and from available keyboard enable JCheater(GTA III keyboard) (Press ok on any popup).
  • Click on choose input method and select GTA 3 Keyboard.
  • Now click on Start and you'll see small watermark on your screen with word "CHEAT".
Now play GTA 3 Game and in the game press cheat on your screen than select cheat you want to apply, press minimise to minimise keyboard.

Gta III cheats apk

With give me tank(something like tank) cheat you'll see different vehicles spawning in front of you,press again to change the vehicle.

To Download GTA III Game follow the below link:

GTA 3 APK Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 OBB Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 MOD APK Link (V.1.8)



GTA III cheats APK Link

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 APK , Cave and Cliffs Update

Minecraft pocket edition android
Minecraft Pocket Edition or minecraft bedrock is the first arcade game in Gaming guruji Blog. Download Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 Cave and Cliffs update apk for free.

Mozang has launched Minecraft cave & cliffs update for all platforms like windows,xbox and Android etc. And 2nd update is expected later this year with version 1.18.

What's new in Minecraft Cave & Cliffs Update :

  • Lush Caves.
  • New Mobs : Glow Squid, Warden , Axolotl, Goat.
  • New Blocks : Sculk Sensor, Amethyst Geode.
  • New Resources : Copper, lightning rod, Telescope.
  • New Plants : Glow berry, Spore blossom, Water lilies, Azaleas.

Minecraft unblocked pocket edition

Minecraft Game is kind of creativity game and in the beginning you might feel this game a bit boring or you may feel what to do? But once you start playing minecraft in survival mode and you have made up your mind to build something or like getting Elytra then you will do things automatically for gathering necessary resources for different things.

I'd suggest you to play this game in peaceful mode first time while gathering resources in the beginning, mode can be changed in setting by pausing the game or at the beginning but if you have an auto farm which runs using any mob then do not switch from hard mode to peaceful because mob will de-spawn in peaceful mode.

Also if you have done good progress or going for some big challenge like fighting endardragon or fighting in end city, do make a copy of the game from setting by pausing the game, option to copy the world is at bottom.

Minecraft is an open world game so you do not have any objectives to complete but you can make by yourself. Like I decided to have full diamond armor and necessary weapons , so I started mining and did that in multiple location to collect Diamond,Iron,coal and other items. 

You should also use enchantments on your weapons and armor in minecraft game, which gives you extra power and edge while fighting with mobs. For applying best enchantments, you need to have high XP which can be increased by doing different things but if you want to do everything fast then you can do auto farming of lots of things. I did auto farming of Iron,bonemeal and Gold+XP from watching JC Playz youtube videos.

Although I feel controls in Minecraft Pocket edition (MCPE) for android mobile are not good But you must try this game at once.

You can Play other games in Sports,WWE,Action category from Gaming Guruji Blog.

Cricket Captain | GTA 5 | NFS Most Wanted | WWE 2k18 |

With the entrance of Minecraft, you can investigate maps,battle or maintain a strategic distance from crowds, build mechanized contraptions, and framework structures without anyone else's input or with companions. 

Accordingly through the enhancement of this
Minecraft bedrock edition, on the off chance that you dream it you can fabricate it that is precisely what you can do with this Minecraft application. It is the Pocket Edition thrilling amusement which enables the client to do develop anything, whenever, anyplace.

Below links are for different old versions and the latest minecraft version.

Download New MCPE 1.17 Version APK,Cave and Cliffs Update.

Download 1.17 Version (Third Party Link)

What's New in Minecraft Pocket 1.16 version 

  • Long waited nether update is here.
  • Netherite weapons and Armour.
  • 4 New biomes and new mobs in nether.
  • Completely different look of nether.
  • Some bugs and minor issues fixed.

Minecraft 1.16.1 hotfix update :
  • Custom Skins now work properly on multiplayer.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when playing an emote and suspending the game.
  • Fixed several issues with netherite items being lost lost in fire or lava.

Download MCPE 1.16.2 APK (Third Party Link)

Download Minecraft Pocket edition (MCPE) 1.16.1 APK

Download Minecraft stable version 1.14.60 APK

Download Minecraft version 1.14.60 APK

Minecraft nether update


Brothers A tale of two Sons APK and OBB


Download Brothers A tale of two Sons APK and OBB  for free from gaming guruji blog and Enjoy this amazing and beautiful game.

Brothers A tale of two Sons is a story driven Puzzle Adventure game developed by 505 Game Srl, this game is unique because of its game mechanics and Story. Soaking in admiring beautiful environment of the game, camera angles do fantastically well.

 A TPP game with beautiful story and music, Brothers A tale of two sons is an exceptionally fascinating and assorted story line where two brothers are on a journey to bring back the “Water of Life” to cure their ailing Father.

You need to control the two characters simultaneously and more often than not, to solve  riddles and puzzles, you need to utilize the two brothers to work with. Eliminate the hindrances in front of them! Another striking element of the Game is the deep rooted distinction between the two Brothers; the elder brother has a higher actual wellness than his younger brother. 

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He can move weighty impediments, or at times help his younger brother to climb bluffs. However, the younger brother is lighter and more modest. It can oblige itself in the littlest places or, regardless of whether essential, put your foot on the shoulders of the elder brother and arrive at the most elevated focuses. In numerous riddles, you must have one of a kind actual properties Use these two siblings to take care of issues so you can get one bit nearer to their objective!

Brothers a tale of two sons is an Offline Game which has amazing music with beautiful story and sometimes you may want to listen that music again and again. I really like the story line of the game with good graphics. To move ahead in the game, Player need to solve puzzles or riddles using different capabilities of two brothers.

Some player may find little difficult to control bothe the characters but once you are used to, then you will definitely enjoy this Premium Game. It is available on Play Store at ₹190 with 4+ rating, but here Gaming Guruji providing you the links to download the game for free.

After Downloading both APK and Data of Brothers a tale of two sons, you need to extract Data file and put the folder in OBB folder inside Android folder of your Android phone. Also note that Data and APK file is GPU specific so Please check your phone's GPU and then download that specific Data file and APK.

Download APK and DATA Link 1 (third party link)

Download APK and DATA Link 2 (third party link)

Download OBB Data (Adreno GPU)

Download APK (Adreno GPU)


TASM 2 V.1.2.8d Apk OBB data file │The Amazing Spider-man 2 Game

Get link for The Amazing Spider-man 2 (TASM 2) Game Apk, and Obb Data V.1.2.8d File for Android Free, links are given at the end of post. From the link you can have The Amazing Spider-man 2 Apk, and obb data for Android Free with one single click. So now you can play game without much of a stretch about downloading the The Amazing Spider-man 2 (TASM 2) game and the other Action games at no cost from Gaming Guruji Blogger Blog.

The amazing spiderman2 game

About The Amazing Spider-man 2 (TASM 2) Game in Android :

The amazing spider-man 2 Video Game is a 3D experience and the Action game based on Sandbox. Apart from main story line of the game you can also roam,swing around the beautiful city in the game. There are total 6 chapters in the Game.

Obviously, battle procedure on cell phones can not address the issues of some high-play. However, a ton of QTE framework in the game is to make the fight more rich and intriguing. 

The Control system has been adapted for modern android devices to play TASM 2, in the free movement mode you just need to tap on screen to move character to the right place.

After the adversary noticeable all around consequently lock the fly and maneuver into the rise of a wide range of sliding in the BOSS fight to dodge frantic point assault. By and large, even strokes are smoother than accomplishing work, battling styles are more fluctuated and intriguing

TASM2 for android is brought you by the developer Gameloft with good rating on Google play store and the graphics and story line of this game are excessively better, you will definitely like this action game as it has been presented. The amazing spiderman 2 game is not an offline Game so it needs an internet connection to play. 

Try these Games :

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You can download The Amazing Spiderman 2 Mod Game data and APK to have unlimited money and unlocked suit in the game from Mod Games link too.

How to Install The Amazing Spiderman 2 Video Game in Android :

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Get the Spiderman 2 game data that are mostly in obb format.
  4. Install apk but Don’t open it.
  5. Extract the The Amazing Spiderman2 Data file by using any zip extractor.
  6. Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/obb/ and name this folder to
    Note: Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.
  7. Now run your game without any errors.

You can download the amazing Spider Man 2 version 1.2.7d from TASM2 zip file, there are 2 files, one is apk and other is obb data file in zip format. First unzip TASM2 zip file then unzip file to android-obb folder and after that install apk and enjoy the game. Remember game needs internet connection to check and update game files and also you must have updated Google Play Games app to play this Game.


GTA Liberty City Stories for android | Download OBB and APK

GTA liberty city Stories Download

Today Gaming Guruji brings you OBB and APK link to Download GTA Liberty City Stories game for android Mobile.As we all know GTA is a all time favorite game  for all gamers and GTA liberty city stories for android,is another GTA game series for Android mobile devices.

The storyline is exactly like the original game. You take the role of Toni Cipriani and do the various jobs that are assigned to you. Since it's a port of the early GTA game, the characters lean heavily on various stereotypes, so just bear with it.

Vice City was one of the most memorial locations. So when given the opportunity to go back, who wouldn’t want to go back. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories allows you to return to Vice City with a whole new story and many new characters.

The animations look really good but it has a lot of glitches, but its great to see to see that the game has some extra polish. The gameplay mechanics is just like any other GTA game.

Since this is a portable game, you would think that it is a watered downed version of a Grand Theft Auto game, and you would be kinda right.Everything that you have grown to love of about the series is here, be it not as polished.You are still in the big, open world of Vice City. Pretty much everything you remember about Vice City is here, from the beaches to the airport. 

The game is a great addition to the GTA series.Although it is a little more bare boned than other entries, it still provides you withthe GTA experience you crave. The characters and story may not be as engaging as other entries, but it is still fun and interesting. And definitely worth your time. 

Gta liberty city stories screenshot

Presently, the avenues of GTA Liberty City for android,are in unrest, as warring families compete for control and the town starts to self-destruct under floods of political defilement, composed wrongdoing, sedate trafficking and association strikes.

Unhinged assassins, ethically corrupted big shots, pessimistic government officials and even his own particular mother obstruct as Toni attempts to bring the city under Leone family control.

Past trusted in adroit individual for the Leone family, Toni Cipriani returns home to Liberty City resulting to contributing vitality sequestered from everything for killing a made man.Unhinged contract executioners, morally ruined magnates, negative government authorities and even his own particular mother prevent as Toni endeavors to bring the city under Leone family control.

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Features of GTA Liberty City Stories Game for Android :

• New high determination surfaces and character workmanship.

• Real time lighting and shadows.

• Enhanced draw separate.

• Rebalanced controls for contact based gaming.

• Cross-stage cloud spares by means of the Rockstar Social Club.

• Physical controller bolster.

How to Install GTA Libert City Stories APK and OBB

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Download the GTA Liberty City Stories data that are mostly in obb format and GTA apk from below links.
  4. Before installation Turn off your internet and wifi connection.
  5. Install apk but Don’t open it.
  6. Extract the downloaded GTA liberty City Stories Game Data file by using any zip extractor. (How to Extract)
  7. Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/obb/ and name this folder to com.rockstargames.gtalcs
    Note: Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.
  8. Now run your game without any errors.

Download From Google Play Store


Top 3 Open World Android Games by Gaming Guruji

Top 3 open world android games
Gaming Guruji present you top 3 Open World Android Games which are amazing and worth playing for all.
As you know open world games are everywhere these days and there are millions of people playing these android games everyday, offline or online.

So here Gaming Guruji has picked up the best and top 3 Open world Android Games for you.

1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas : Number 1 in our open world android games is From video game giant Rockstar Games. This high-energy action title, GTA SA , promises over 70 hours of gameplay in its massive open world map, covering the three major cities in SanAndreas.

Open world games android GTA san andreas

With wireless controller compatibility, there’s no downside to choosing to play this game on mobile. The download is on the larger side at 2.5gigabytes, but the masses of five-star reviews show that it’s definitely worth it.

And the best Android Open World Game is GrandTheft Auto San Andreas (GTA SA) ,Time might be the cause of many of the world's miseries, but it definitely does good in the world of video games.

One of the landmarks in the open world genre, Grand Theft Auto's seventh title reigns supreme on the mobile--more than10 years since its first release. What used to be a sort of benchmark on PCs and console can now be enjoyed in the comforts of our own phones. Now isn’t it a great time to be alive?

Return home to Grove Street and partake in the criminal misadventures of Cj and the gang.

But even with the blocky visuals, its as loveable as ever. Explore the vast state of San Andreas in all its glory--whether you wanna ride around with their funky radio stations, go on shootouts in hundreds of missions, or order Big Smokes at the cluckin bell--The world is yours for a fraction of the cost but you can take it free from Gaming Guruji Blog. It has a Play Store rating of 4.5.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition : MCPE Explore a planet-sized world right on your smartphone with Mojang's most popular sandbox adventure.

MCPE is at number 2 in our open world android games list. Having made it in almost all relevant platforms, the mini voxel universe opens up even more new opportunities with their grand entrance to the mobile world. Making its debut on the App Store in 2011,the game has come a long way since.

Open world android game minecraft Pocket

You’ll have the choice to play in creative mode – with infinite resources – or survival, where you start with nothing and have to mine to gather materials. Build anything from a tiny cottage to a huge castle, craft weapons and armor, and fend off mobs and monsters alike. You can even play this game online with friends,cool isn't it?

With a slew of new content and a dash of much needed visual upgrades, it sheds its dated past and brings it to a new level of greatness. Open your mind to the dangers of their blocky environments, or widen your horizons in their vast haven for creativity.

With different game modes to look over, you'll have free rule to do anything you desire - regardless of whether its living nearby the animals of their reality in Survival, or communicating your inward craftsman in Creative mode: the decision is yours. While it despite everything does not have a couple of highlights from the PC original, this pocket version certainly nails the center components of Minecraft title. For that, it receives a Play Store rating of 4.6.

3. Terraria : It’s like Minecraft, but not really -- it’s really it’s own thing. You can quench your wanderlust in this pixelated side-scrolling, randomly generated wonderland. Just don’t wander too far on the east or west and you’ll face a perilous swamp or a giant floating skull.

Open world android game Terraria

Not the last, Terraria is at number 3 in this list, But what really sets Terraria apart,as opposed to games like Minecraft where it's really, really open sandbox gameplay, is that you actually have some sort of sense of progression.

You're not just meeting personal goals, you're being reminded by the game that, yes, you are progressing. The game goes through a day and night cycle, and as such, the enemies are constantly changing. Not only that, but you're encouraged to explore, and the more you explore the more weird things you come across.

There are just a crap ton of different enemies, biomes, creatures, weapons, items, rare loot, events, and even bosses to take care of. You also have the ability tonot only build your own house, but to build a town, where different NPCs will start to occupy different structures, as you meet the requirements for these guys.

And there's a money system,so you not only get to craft things, but you can also just straight up buy items and upgrades and weapons and explosives and potions and, of course, you can sell your own crafted items back to the NPCs for even more cash to keep that economy going. This is just such a massive game.

Terraria While it might stand out from the lineup of open world games on the PC and consoles with their high polygon count and hyper realistic worlds.

Go spelunking in caves, craft weapons, takeup gardening, or partake in a grand quest for rare treasures. Whatever you fancy, Terraria is always ready to take you in. It has a Play Store rating of 4.4.

Conclusion :
This is our top 3 and you may not agree with me so comment down below about your top 3 android games. Although there are many other open world games like GTA Vice city, GTA chinatown war, Gangstar vegas etc. which can't be ignored. So keep playing and enjoy the virtual world anytime anywhere in your android mobile.

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WWE 2k18 | GTA 3GTA 5|

GTA Liberty city stories|TEKKEN Game|

Monopoly Game|Gaming Guruji Download|


Dead Cells APK Download : GamingGuruji

Dead cell android game
Dead cells, an amazing android Game, is now available to download at GamingGuruji Blog. So just go through the post and Download Dead cells APK.

Dead Cells is a 2D platformer whose developers describe it as a “RogueVania”, bringing in different typical mechanics that a Roguelikeor Castlevania style game brings to the table.

The main character is constantly breathing and appears to have depth by the way his body rotates, there are foreground and backgrounds art assets that give a sense of scale for where you are standing. And every animation makes good use of highframerate, you won’t see any choppy movement here, everything appears incredibly smooth and realistic.

After a few greetings from supporting characters, you set off to clear the seemingly cursed island of hostiles. The plot is minimalistic but still provides an engaging mystery to uncover.

Strange encounters with shady NPC’s and hidden notes scattered throughout each stage allude to past events that provide just enough loreto crave answers. Even after completing the game for the first time,a host of secrets and lingering questions remain. Dead Cells is designed to be played through multiple times. Each run on normal difficulty takes about 45 minutes, but most attempts will end in crushing defeat. It takes a considerable number of tries before you’ll finally succeed.

Dead cells apk android game

It’s just another way Dead Cells makes you adapt in the moment and helps each run feel truly unique in a significant way. Lastly, up to three mutations can be equipped that give you varying advantages. Necromancy rewards you with health after successful kills, while Vengeance provides a damage buff after taking a hit. Mutations are some of the harder rewards to uncover, but each one is a powerful tool in your arsenal, making each acquisition feel monumental.

Final ThoughtsDead Cells is hands down one of my favorite games I’ve played, and I certainly believe it’s one of the best in the genre. I am very excited and curious to see whatthe developer plans to do with the game going forward.

There is no OBB file download for this game, you just need to download APK which is around 800mb in size and install the game in your android phone but you may require latest Play Games app for this game to run.

Dead Cells is available at play store for around $8.5 or ₹590 , if you really like to enjoy this game, you can also download it from Play Store.


Top 5 android games by Gaming Guruji | 2020

Today we will tell you about Top 5 android games you should play in 2020 and download for free from Gaming Guruji site. There are tons of android games available in the play store and some other like PSP games and WR3D apk available on the net. But here we took top 5 android games out of some top premium and fremium games available in the Play Store.

Top 5 android games by gaming guruji

1. PUBG Mobile : PUBG mobile is now like a very common game for everyone and nobody needs explanation about this game. This game has not only given entertainment but esports career to many players too. So obviously Gaming Guruji has put this Game on 1st place of top 5 Android games.

As you all know PUBGmobile Royal pass season get updates in every 2 months and also developer updates the game with some bug fix and new features too, which makes this game more interesting in every 2 months period. Game is free to download but needs a good high end device and hight speed internet connection for running this game smoothly.

You can download beta version of PUBG mobile from Gaming Guruji PUBG mobile beta post and try new features of the game before other players.

2. Minecraft : Minecraft is one of the best sandbox game available on playstore. This game is an open world game where player needs to survive and build things to fight against enemies. It may feel boring and confusing in the beginning but as you will start doing things then you would love it. Although Controls and some features are not as great as other platform like PC and Xbox but it is a worth game for retaining 2nd spot in our top 5 games.

Minecraft is available to download from Play Store at ₹450 or you can download for free from Gaming Guruji blog Minecraft Post. This game can be played offline or online.

3. GTA Vice City : GTA vice city also does not need any description as it has been in the market for more than a decade and everyone knows about this Role play Open world game. It is a fantastic,entertaining and action packed open world game where player has to complete missions and roam around the world. One can have fun in the game once cheats are applied.

As this game has been on top gainer in play store for a very long period and also most searched on Gaming Guruji site so this game takes 3rd spot in our top 5 Game list.

GTA vice city game for android is around ₹120 in the play store but Gaming Guruji GTA Vice City post has provided many download links for the game to download the game for free.

4. GTA San Andreas : One of the best game from Rockstar based on some real incidents held in early 90's in new york. With its amazing storyline,music and graphics, GTA san andreas has become the favorite game for so many . Rockstar introduced customization in vehicles and clothing in this game.

On 4th position we chose another classic hit game GTA san andreas for our top 5 android games, and possibly this may be the better game from GTA Vice city for many.

You can buy this game from Play stote at ₹181 or you can Download GTA san andreas game from Gaming Guruji blog.

5. Assasin's Creed Identity : Another best action Game with low rating available in the play store from very long time. Assasin's creed Identity is last but not the least choice for our top 5 game list. This story mode action RPG game is an online game with amazing storyline and action.

Assasin's Creed identity game is available at ₹151 on play store or you can download this game for free from Gaming Guruji's Assasin creed for android post.

Although we told you about best 5 android games especially hand picked by Gaming Guruji but there are 100s of android games available and you may like them too. Because we post links for premium/freemium games so in choosing best 5 android games we considered those games only.

There are other fremium or premium games like COD mobile,Free fire,Brawlers,fortnite,Amazing Spiderman 2 etc. Which are as better as these top 5 Android games, so you may want to checkout those games too and if you are a person who likes to play puzzle and RPG games then you must checkout Gaming Guruji's other posts for all premium games.


DOOM and DOOM 2 Game for Android

Doom game thumbnail
DOOM an action shooter single person premium android game launched on android on its 25th anniversary.

Doom game is a 3D graphics , first person shooting game where player choose difficulty level, which directly affects the various aspects of the game.

This game launched on PC long ago and developers has maintained same level of gameplay on android too. Today Gaming Guruji presents you this premium android game links for both Doom and Doom 2 at one place.

As we have been enjoying many multiplayer,third person games but Doom game introduced as first person shooting game very successfully with amazing graphics.

Doom game has been played by millions around the world since it launched and it is popular for mode of gameplay in FPS genre.
Doom game android screenshot

About Doom and Doom 2 Game and Download Link :

In the first part of Doom Game, a gamer discovers that there is an astronaut who works for the United Aerospace Corporation. And in the game everything happens in Mars, its satellites, Phobos and Deimos, and KLA's laboratories or hell.  Which has been captured by demons due to the failure of the portal, and your hero fights these demons to save the Earth.

Download Doom OBB Link

Download Doom APK Link

And in the second part of Doom Game, the player escapes from Mars and returns to Earth. But, things here are not as he always expected.  The danger in the earth has increased even more, since demons have come to Earth from Mars. Now the player will have to go through even bigger and more complex levels.  The challenges are more complicated because the demons have become stronger this time, the mission, this time is not to escape or run away, but to save the earth from these demons who are using an incredible variety of weapons.

It will not be possible to kill the Bosses in one shot, no matter how good your aim is, as these bosses are distinguished by an increased level of health. The boss can attack more than once in the game with his 4 monster guards. If a player uses the appropriate strategy, he will have to fight a weak monster because these bosses also kill each other.  And the player can move forward in the game with minimal damage.

The armory in unique Doom for Android is assorted and ground-breaking. You can execute beasts utilizing guns, vitality weapons or a cutting apparatus. All weapons are modern and anecdotal. There are no ties to genuine brands and types. Strikingly, there is likewise no limitation on the number and weight of weapons. A gamer can drape himself from head to toe with flamethrowers and automatic weapons, and get a cutting apparatus.

You can also use cheats available in the game menu of Doom II by pausing the game and click on Options then Cheats and use any cheat option you want to activate in the game.
Doom 2 game cheat

Although game controls and sensitivity in the game, are most important to handle, for playing this game efficiently.

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GTA Liberty city stories|TEKKEN Game|

Monopoly Game|Gaming Guruji Download|

How to Install Doom Game :

It is quite simple and similar to other games, Download OBB file and APK file of Doom or Doom 2 Game or both if you want to play both. Extract the OBB zip file inside OBB folder which is inside Android folder in your phone storage. Then install apk and enjoy the game.

There is also Doom 3 BFG edition available at play store but unfortunately my device was not compatible so I have not given any link for that.

Download Doom II OBB Link

Download Doom II APK Link
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