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Thursday, 1 June 2028

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City APK and Data (New Working) download Link for Android

Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android by Gaming Guruji:

Welcome friends on our Gaming Guruji Blog. I know you want to download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game for android. The open world recreations by rockstar games are astounding.

GTA Vice city game is available on android as a paid or premium game with 4.3 Star rating and it is no different from PC version of the Game.

Rockstar Games made this game available for mobile devices on 10 years Anniversary celebration. With high graphics,good controls and customization options,Grand theft auto vice city game has always been one of the Top Paid premium game in Play Store.

Rockstar games have always set a benchmark for their own Games and recent GTA V game which is popular amongst all online Game lover these days is quite different from GTA vice city and GTA san andreas. Though it is not available on mobile yet.

I think GTA vice city has still so much popularity because this was the first game of its kind. As the vice city game hit the Android mobile devices it became one of the best offline game where the player is free to do almost anything from riding to killing people.

Although if you are seriously playing this game then you must complete all the missions and make progress in the game.

A large number of you asked me how to download gta vice city on android. So here I will disclose to you how to get gta vice city obb + apk data in android. So let's start for more open world diversions you can check Rockstar amusements.

Gaming Guruji Blog GTA vice city

About Grand Theft Auto Vice City:

All the open world recreations made by Rockstar amusements are astonishing. The gta vice city is one of the best formations of Rockstar. 

Each gamer Love to play gta vice city on an android smartphone since its release, earlier this was accessible for gaming on Playstation, xbox and Microsoft computers.

GTA vice city has been a popular game since it's release for P.C and if you guys remember many of us would go to cyber cafe to play this game for 10 or 15 bucks per hour.

In P.C you can have more fun by using some GTA V.C  cheats and Gaming Guruji also published the link for GTA San Andreas and GTA III with cheats apk, so you should check that out.

Many individuals requested rockstar to make this amusement for android. So following long stretches of discharge grand theft auto vice city is available to download into our android mobiles.

Also, you may like new android game Free Fire-Battlegrounds and if you like play game like Halo than you should play Deadheads.

The diversion gta or grand theft auto vice city is accessible on Play Store. The Price of GTA game is $1.7 or INR121. Gaming guruji blog disclosing to you how to download the game in android. So read carefully.

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The Process is extremely Simple and Working. In the wake of downloading amusement, you can run it in your device. The prerequisite is that amusement is simply appearing in your android smartphone's Play store.

On the off chance that amusement is noticeable than the download of diversion is simple and you can play it. So let's continue to know the procedure to download gta VC for nothing.

Download Ben10 Cosmic Destruction from Gaming Guruji Page. 

The download Links of gta vc is given at the end of the post. The connection of amusement is from direct third-party link. So you can download gta obb and apk data at quick speed. After download ensure phone Storage of device has not less than 1.5 gb free.

Apk is a android package file of GTA vice city game and OBB file is data file for the game. To play game you must have both the files and apk must be installed on your device. OBB files for heavy games like GTA are large in size so these files are mostly uploaded in compressed format like .zip,.rar or .7z and you must extract these data files in proper location.

The Installation Process of Grand Theft Auto Vice City in android:

  • Visit the link below and download any one OBB file and APK file of gta vice city on android.
  • Once you have the obb file Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of gta vice city.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • . Folder name should be com.rockstargames.gtavc 
  • Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to Android - Obb location in your phone's memory.
  • Install apk .
  • Run the game and enjoy.
You can watch This Youtube Video which is in HINDI for game installation guide and little game-play of GTA Vice City. In The video, Game has been installed with one drive obb link and GTA vice city APK link.

How to Extract GTA Vice city Files :

1. Download ZArchiver App from Play Store.

2. Open ZArchiver app and go to location within ZArchiver App where you downloaded files.

3. Select the GTA Vice City file you want to extract. (Touch once).

4. You will see a popup menu on bottom of your screen, just select extract then location where you want to extract and press the small, green button on the bottom of the screen to start extraction process.

Links for GTA Vice City Game for Android by Gaming Guruji :

Third Party Link

GTA Vice City Apk Link

GTA Vice City APK Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link  (1Drive)

GTA Vice City Data Link (One Drive)

GTA VC new link (OBB + APK v.1.07)

Guys there is a new GTA Vice city type game in hindi which is free to download at play store, and I am telling you guys that you gonna enjoy this game although there are some bugs but we hope that will be fixed by developer soon.
Download Indian styled GTA Game.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Human Fall Flat Android Game : How to Download APK and OBB

Human fall flat game is now available on android and here Gaming Guruji brings APK and OBB link of the game for you.

Human Fall Flat is a premium puzzle game which isn't free and You need to pay $4.99 or ₹500 to download it from Google Play Store. You can watch Gameplay on our youtube channel.

Human fall flat android game screenshot

About Human Fall Flat Game on Android

In human fall flat the name of the game character is Bob, and it's your obligation to ensure that Bob goes through all the hurdles,who is similar people with no very human capacities.

Weave here is a plain white fella, with no skeleton. He is adjustable and has dresses to wear.

In Human: Fall Flat you play as a shaky human who continues envisioning about dreamlike spots loaded up with riddles where he's yet to discover the exit. Investigation and innovativeness are vital, as each alternative is welcome!

The activitys are interesting. It doesn't mean the game will make you giggle. You need to think carefully to give Bob a chance to pass the riddle.

Bob is expressed to have no superhuman capacities; he is absolutely human.Players can make him get items and move up edges utilizing the two his arms and looking with his head.

Love to Play Games? Try These :

In spite of the fact that Bob's standard appearance is a featureless, moderate all-white human with a baseball top, players can tweak him exactly as they would prefer, painting his body in an alternate exhibit of hues and dressing him in an assortment of outfits.

Without foes or unnerving beasts, your central goal is to control Bob from the beginning position to the mystery gateway.

Different remotes covered up in the game give players intimations to become familiar with the interactivity and eventually fathom the riddles.

The game gives you a totally new methodology. Rather than joining secretive stories or testing baffles, this game expects you to fathom straightforward demands in an ungainly and amazingly charming way.

It's trying on both a physical and cerebral dimension however, as you need to initially make sense of what you need to do to achieve the end, at that point really do it.

The game is open-finished. Each dimension is themed in an unexpected way, each containing various answers for their one of a kind puzzles.The game is a material science driven game that let you get protests around. What's more, take a stab at going through the riddles by comprehending them utilizing the articles.

You'll walk, bounce, snatch, climb, convey, and an assortment of different activities. None of them are as basic as they are in your normal activity game, as they pursue the laws of material science and your human is unstable all things considered.

Downloading the Game has turned out to be so simpler nowadays due to the Gaming Guruji Blog site.

There have been bunches of sites begun giving the APK record to Android. In which you need to choose the best site to download the APK document.

Here at Gaming Guruji Blog you can get the most recent form of APK record alongside the Installation instruction in it.

How to Download and Install Human Fall Flat game on android:

  • Visit the link below and download OBB file and APK file of the game on android mobile.
  • Once you have the obb file Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of human fall flat game.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • . Folder name should be com.and.games505.humanfallflat 
  • Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to Android - Obb location in your phone's memory.
  • Install apk .
  • Run the game and enjoy.

OBB Link

APK Link

Sunday, 23 June 2019

GTA 3 Android Download Latest OBB and APK Version 1.8 with GTA III cheater apk

gaming guruji blog gta3

Hi Guys today we will give you links to download Latest version 1.8 of  GTA 3 obb and apk and GTA III cheater apk for android. With GTA III cheater apk you have so many option to dominate in this game.

Also Gaming Guruji has now given the Link for MOD APK of GTA 3 Game which gives you unlimited money without using any cheater apk.

I found game controls little uncomfortable and looking around was tedious when using mod apk but it may not be the same case and you should give it a try.

Remember While using mod apk please Resume the game not New game when you start to play.

GTA III mod apk 3 game

The rockstar Game organization outlined this game couple of years back.The Game is Open World Game. The Gamer needs to download GTA 3 obb and apk file.

So I discovered these links to download gta 3 into android for nothing. I additionally have Surprise for you as gta III cheater apk. So lets download gta 3 and enjoy.

There are many Games made by Rockstar and all are astonishing but GTA 3 is one of best ever by them. The gta is open world sort of game. In Open world Games we can do anaything we need. It is extremely interesting to play open world recreations.

When we think about open world recreations we consider the gta diversions like gta vice city and gta sanandreas. On the off chance that you adores gta 3 then its likewise best sort of diversion.

The gta 3 game is accessible to download on play store. The cost of amusement is high. So everybody need to download gta 3 for nothing in mobiles. So to download the gta 3 on mobiles gaming guruji is providing you links to do it for no price.
To download and Play gta 3 in android you should need enough space in your phone. The connection link to get gta is given below.

To play the game you  have to download gta 3 files from given  below third party link. And follow the process to install GTA III game on your android smartphone.

The Process to download gta 3 and Play gta III in android:

  • Download The apk and obb of gta 3 for android. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract obb file of gta 3. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA III. 
  • Start the game and Play GTA III on your android smartphone.

How to use GTA III cheats with Jcheater APK :

  • After installing, open GTA 3 Cheater App.
  • Click on enable input method and from available keyboard enable JCheater(GTA III keyboard) (Press ok on any popup).
  • Click on choose input method and select GTA 3 Keyboard.
  • Now click on Start and you'll see small watermark on your screen with word "CHEAT".
Now play GTA 3 Game and in the game press cheat on your screen than select cheat you want to apply, press minimise to minimise keyboard.
Gta III cheats apk

With give me tank(something like tank) cheat you'll see different vehicles spawning in front of you,press again to change the vehicle.

To Download GTA III Game follow the below link:



GTA III cheats APK Link

GTA 3 APK Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 OBB Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 MOD APK Link (V.1.8)

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Rush Rally 3 Car Racing Game with mod APK | Unlimited Money |

Rush Rally 3 is the most reasonable and realistic rally simulator game on android mobile. The new arrangement has turned out to be even better!

With the below given Link you can get MOD APK of this game and get unlocked cars,unlimited money but at the beginning you'll have to play with basic cars because game allow high performing cars as per the level.
Rush Rally 3 mod apk game screenshot

Begin another Career mode, take a ride around various nations in One Rally mode, or sit down in Rally-Cross.

For speedy impacts, you can dive into single rally mode, with a co-driver roaring in your ear; or there's the pounding metal of rallycross, setting you against computer cars obviously filled by animosity. In case you're in it for the whole deal, drench yourself in a full vocation mode.

Although graphics and cars are not so great as we have seen in Games like Asphalt 8 and Need for Speed but this game outperform with its realistic graphics. Graphics has been improved from previous versions of Rush rally game.

Other Games worth Trying :

Call of Duty Mobile               Minecraft

GTA 5                                        The Escapists 2

NFS Most Wanted                  GTA Liberty City Stories

None of those alternatives would matter a scribble if the dashing wasn't up to much. Luckily, it's great. The Rush Rally game looks like it, with shrewd visuals and perspectives, in the case of belting around a dashing circuit or bursting through a timberland.

Play Rush Rally 3 Game online, leaderboards among companions and dashing with an apparition - here you can battle with any player whenever. Test your driving skills against the best riders.

The controls function admirably, as well, giving various setups to suit a scope of inclinations (tilt; virtual catches) – and ability levels. Completely adjustable control framework intended for contact screen and tilt gadgets makes dashing progressively sensible and fun.

Just Get the apk or mod apk and install the game in your device (turn on "install from other sources" on from your mobile setting).

I'd suggest you to download the original apk and play the game. Rush Rally 3 is available on play store at ₹299 or $4. As you all know Gaming Guruji brings you the link from where you get these things free.



Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Game Download for Android

Call of duty, a famous game by Activision has now come to your Android phone by Call of duty Mobile or COD-Mobile name.

For now it's only available to download at play store who have pre-registered for this Game and for all others it is not available to download at play store yet.

But as you all know Gaming Guruji Make all efforts to provide you the link for all amazing and trending android Games so I've provided links to download at the end of post.

I know this is not a premium but freemium Game and you will be able to download it free like PUBG mobile game but there are in game purchase so it is freemium.

Try these Games :

GTA Vice CityGTA 2 SA | GTA IIIAsphalt 9 | NFS Hot Pursuit | Need For Speed No Limits Assassin creed | God of War |

Generally in this blog you'll find the links for premium games but COD-Mobile is a game for which so many of us are eagerly waiting to try, that is why I thought to provide you the link.

Call of duty mobile is Battle royal game like PUBG mobile, Free Fire and Cyber hunter. There are different maps and modes available to play. Graphics are good and game has been optimized for mobile play.

Call of duty mobile game has been released in beta programme and final version will be released soon, which you can download from play store for free.

Call of duty mobile game screenshot

Call of duty mobile game screenshot 2

COD mobile game screenshot

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile Game in android:

  • Visit the link below and download OBB file and APK file.
  • Once you have the obb file Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of COD Mobile.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to Android - Obb location in your phone's memory.
  • Install apk .
  • Run the game and enjoy.

COD Mobile OBB Link (Third Party Link) updated link
(Once you visit download page, Click open in browser and download apk and obb)
COD Mobile APK Link (Third Party Link)

Friday, 26 April 2019

GTA San Andreas latest Version 2.0 with cheats and mod APK by Gaming Guruji

Gaming Guruji Blog has brought you a new download link for your favourite game GTA san Andreas new version 2.0 with cheats apk and mod apk.

In the latest version of GTA SA 2.0, some bugs have been fixed and I'd suggest you to play this game with mod apk so that you would find more graphics settings and other settings. Graphics have been improved a little bit.

As you know Gaming Guruji has always made efforts to provide you latest version of all games or any latest gaming info available. GTA games have always been trending for this blog so I try to update links and information regularly.

Remember before downloading the GTA SA obb file, your mobile phone must have at least 5-6 GB space if you are downloading the game in internal memory because GTA San Andreas OBB file size is around 2.5 GB and then you will extract it in your mobile's internal storage.

GTA san andreas latest 2.0 by gaming guruji blog

GTA is a very popular game in P.C and Mobile not among teens but children too.

GTA San andreas or gta 2 game is one of the top grossing game in android play store.

Even a few gamers might have been playing this game since their childhood, because we are free to do anything in the game. My favourite vehicles were bikes,trucks and a helicopter. And with GTA SA cheats apk you have everything you wanted, from unlimited money to unlimited health and many other.

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So enjoy the game with GTA San Andreas cheats apk provided by gaming guruji blog and don't forget to share this blog to your friends.

Some features of GTA SA mod APK

  1. Cloud saving option is available, all game progress can be saved online.
  2. Better on screen control options are available.
  3. More Graphics control options are available, if you are facing any lag issue than you can change the graphics setting with mod apk.
  4. More language options available.
  5. MoGA wireless game controller compatible with almost all bluetooth and usb gamepad.

How to Install and Play gta San Andreas in android:

  • Download The files contains apk and gta SA OBB data in android phone. 
  • Extract OBB file using Z-Archiver or any other app.
  • Cut/Copy and Paste or directly extract obb  folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA SA 2.0. 
  • Play the game.. Enjoy..
  • Read GTA SA  100% Save Game

How to Apply GTA San Andreas Cheats :

gta san andreas cheats apk

  1. Play the gta san andreas game and when you reach the CJ house , Save the game in new slot.
  2. Now open GTA SA cheats APK and after reading some instruction click continues and you will see Saved Game i.e Save 1 ,click on that and apply the cheats you want and save.
  3. Go to GTA San andreas game and don't resume game but Start game then load game and click on your saved game than Yes.

New Download Link for OBB Data (Latest version 2.0)

Download link for OBB Data

Download Link 2 for OBB Data

Download Link for APK File (.zip file)
There are two APK files in the zip file so unzip and install which works for you. Tested 22mb(around) apk file which really worked.

GTA SA Version 2 APK Link

GTA SA Version 2  MoD APK Link