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Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City APK and Data (New Working) download Link for Android


Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android by Gaming Guruji:

Gta vice city by gaming guruji
Today Gaming Guruji is going to tell you how to download gta vice city on android. So here I, a gaming blogger  brings full detail to you on how to get gta vice city obb + apk data in android for free. So without any delay let's start.

Welcome friends on our Gaming Guruji Blog. I know you have always been looking to download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game for free on your android mobile and visiting tons of websites and blogs but here I give you all genuine download links at one place to Download GTA Vice City game.

First let's talk about Grand theft auto vice city on Android.

About Grand Theft Auto Vice City in Android :

GTA Vice city game is available on android as a paid or premium game with 4.3 Star rating and it is no different from PC version of the Game.

Rockstar Games made this game available for mobile devices on 10 years Anniversary celebration. With high graphics,good controls and customization options,Grand theft auto vice city game has always been one of the Top Paid premium game in Play Store.

Rockstar games have always set a benchmark for their own Games and recent GTA V game which is popular amongst all online Game lover these days is quite different from GTA vice city and GTA san andreas. Though it is not available on mobile yet.

I think GTA vice city still has so much popularity because this was the first game of its kind. As the vice city game hit the Android mobile devices it became one of the best offline game where the player is free to do almost anything from riding to killing people.

Although if you are seriously playing this game then you must complete all the missions and make progress in the game.

Gaming Guruji Blog Grand Theft auto vice city screenshot

All the open world recreations made by Rockstar amusements are astonishing. The gta vice city is one of the best formations of Rockstar.

Each gamer Love to play gta vice city on an android smartphone since its release, earlier this was accessible for gaming on Playstation, xbox and Microsoft computers.

Some memories of GTA Games :

GTA vice city has been a popular game since it's release for P.C and if you guys remember many of us would go to cyber cafe to play this game for 10 or 15 bucks per hour.

In P.C you can have more fun by using some GTA V.C  cheats,so Gaming Guruji has also published the link for GTA Vice city cheats apk , also you should check out GTA San andreas and GTA III with cheats apk.

Because So Many individuals requested rockstar to make this amusement for android. So following long stretches of discharge grand theft auto vice city is available to download into our android mobiles.

These days everyone has been enjoying online GTA V RP game which gives you indian servers to play and you can also communicate in hindi with other players. 

But GTA V is not available to mobile, so you may love to play some trending online games like Free Fire-Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile .

Information on Grand Theft Auto Vice City Download on Android Mobile :

Process to check game compatibility on your mobile is extremely Simple. To know if this game will run on your device or not, just go to play store and search Grand Theft Auto vice city, if you see the game there then hurray you can continue to the procedure to download grand theft auto VC for free.

The download Links of gta vc is given at the end of the post. The connection of amusement is from direct third-party link. You can download gta obb and apk data at quick speed but before download make sure that your phone Storage of device is not less than 1.5 gb free.

I've given below link to download Grand Theft Auto VC version 1.09 but do not worry if you have downloaded version 1.07 as there is nothing new in version 1.09 but Improved graphics and some bugs have been fixed.

GTA VC Apk is an android package file of GTA vice city game and OBB file is data file for the game. To play game you must have both the files and apk must be installed on your device. OBB files for heavy games like GTA are large in size so these files are mostly uploaded in compressed format like .zip,.rar or .7z and you must extract these data files in proper location.

Grand theft auto vice city is available on Play Store and is priced at $1.7 or INR121,but Gaming guruji blog provides you free link to download the game on your android mobile.

GTA vice city Game with GTA vice city cheater APK : Now download GTA vice city cheater apk from below link and use the cheater apk as told in GTA III Game by Gaming Guruji. So enjoy GTA Vice city game with full power and fun using cheats.

As I could not find the way to enter cheat code manually but on screen cheat codes are too much for fun to try. You can have full detail on GTA VC cheats from GTA Vice city Cheat codes  .

GTA vice city cheater apk code screenshot

The Installation Process of Grand Theft Auto Vice City in android:
  • Visit the link below and download any one OBB file and APK file of gta vice city on android.
  • Once you have the obb file,Extract file using Zarchiver or any app to extract obb data file of gta vice city.
  • If you have extracted file in some other folder then Copy/cut and paste obb data folder into phone device memory in >android > obb folder (Remember to put the folder not just obb files)
  • Folder name should be com.rockstargames.gtavc 
For detailed guide please visit Gaming Guruji Blogger GTA Vice City post.

Or you can directly extract the downloaded file to "Android - Obb" location in your phone's memory.
  • Install APK
  • Run the game and enjoy.

Read Gaming Guruji Blog article in HINDI about installation and download android game on GamingTubez or You can watch This Youtube Video which is in HINDI for game installation guide and little game-play of GTA Vice City. In The video, Game has been installed with one drive obb link and GTA vice city APK link.

How to Extract GTA Vice city Files :

1. Download ZArchiver App from Play Store.

2. Open ZArchiver app and go to location within ZArchiver App where you downloaded files.

3. Select the GTA Vice City file you want to extract. (Touch once).

4. You will see a popup menu on bottom of your screen, just select extract then location where you want to extract and press the small, green button on the bottom of the screen to start extraction process.

For more detail of download and installation of any android game, You can Read how to download and install android Game in Hindi.

Links for Download GTA Vice City Game for Android by Gaming Guruji :

Earn ₹10000 in 10 days 

Third Party Link For GTA VC

No password is required for any zip/7z files I've posted except third party links. 

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link

GTA Vice City Mod Apk Link 2

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link

GTA Vice City Mod Data File Link 

Watch Youtube video on how to download GTA vice city in HINDI if you don't know what to do.

GTA Vice City Data Link (One Drive) (V.1.07)

(No Password required)

GTA Vice City Apk (V.1.07) Link

GTA Vice City APK
(V.1.07) Link 2 

GTA VC new link (OBB + APK v.1.07)

New OBB data File V.1.09 Download Link  (working) (No Password required)

New APK File V.1.09 Download Link  (Working)


Guys there is a new GTA Vice city type game in hindi which is free to download at play store, and I am telling you guys that you gonna enjoy this game although there are some bugs but we hope that will be fixed by developer soon.

Download Indian styled GTA Game.

GTA San Andreas latest Version 2.0 with cheats and mod APK by Gaming Guruji

GTA san andreas by Gaming guruji
Gaming Guruji Blog has brought you a new download link for your favorite game GTA san Andreas new version 2.0 with cheats apk and mod apk.

In the latest version of GTA SA 2.0, some bugs have been fixed and I'd suggest you to play this game with mod apk so that you would find more graphics settings and other settings. Graphics have been improved a little bit.

As you know Gaming Guruji has always made efforts to provide you latest version of all games or any latest gaming info available. GTA games have always been trending for this blog so I try to update links and information regularly.

Remember before downloading the GTA SA obb file, your mobile phone must have at least 5-6 GB space if you are downloading the game in internal memory because GTA San Andreas OBB file size is around 2.5 GB and then you will extract it in your mobile's internal storage.

GTA san andreas latest 2.0 by gaming guruji blog

GTA is a very popular game in P.C and Mobile not among teens but children too.

GTA San andreas or gta 2 game is one of the top grossing game in android play store.

Even a few gamers might have been playing this game since their childhood, because we are free to do anything in the game. My favorite vehicles were bikes,trucks and a helicopter. And with GTA SA cheats apk you have everything you wanted, from unlimited money to unlimited health and many other.

GTA Liberty city stories| GTA Celo Mod | GTA IIIGTA V | TEKKEN Game |

So enjoy the game with GTA San Andreas cheats apk provided by gaming guruji blog and don't forget to share this blog to your friends.

Some features of GTA SA mod APK

  1. Cloud saving option is available, all game progress can be saved online.
  2. Better on screen control options are available.
  3. More Graphics control options are available, if you are facing any lag issue than you can change the graphics setting with mod apk.
  4. More language options available.
  5. MoGA wireless game controller compatible with almost all bluetooth and usb gamepad.

How to Install and Play GTA San Andreas in android:

  • Download The files contains apk and gta SA OBB data in android phone. 
  • Extract OBB file using Z-Archiver or any other app.
  • Cut/Copy and Paste or directly extract obb  folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA SA 2.0. 
  • Play the game.. Enjoy..
  • Read GTA SA  100% Save Game

How to Apply GTA San Andreas Cheats :

gta san andreas cheats apk

  1. Play the gta san andreas game and when you reach the CJ house , Save the game in new slot.
  2. Now open GTA SA cheats APK and after reading some instruction click continue and you will see Saved Game i.e Save 1 ,click on that and apply the cheats you want and save.
  3. Go to GTA San andreas game and don't resume game but Start game then load game and click on your saved game than Yes.

Download Link for OBB Data (Latest version 2.0)

GTA SA Version 2 APK Link

GTA SA Version 2  MOD APK Link

Download link for OBB Data

Download Link 2 for OBB Data

Download Link for APK File (.zip file)
There are two APK files in the zip file so unzip and install which works for you. Tested 22mb(around) apk file which really worked.



GTA 3 Android Download Latest OBB and APK Version 1.8 with GTA III cheater apk

GTA III 3 by gaming guruji
Hi Guys today we will give you links to download Latest version 1.8 of  GTA 3 obb and apk and GTA III cheater apk for android. With GTA III cheater apk you have so many option to dominate in this game.

Also Gaming Guruji has now given the Link for MOD APK of GTA 3 Game which gives you unlimited money without using any cheater apk.

I found game controls little uncomfortable and looking around was tedious when using mod apk but it may not be the same case and you should give it a try.

Remember While using mod apk please Resume the game not New game when you start to play.

GTA III mod apk 3 game

The rockstar Game organization outlined this game couple of years back.The Game is Open World Game. The Gamer needs to download GTA 3 obb and apk file.

So I discovered these links to download gta 3 into android for nothing. I additionally have Surprise for you as gta III cheater apk. So lets download gta 3 and enjoy.

There are many Games made by Rockstar and all are astonishing but GTA 3 is one of best ever by them. The gta is open world sort of game. In Open world Games we can do anaything we need. It is extremely interesting to play open world recreations.

When we think about open world recreations we consider the gta diversions like gta vice city and gta sanandreas. On the off chance that you adores gta 3 then its likewise best sort of diversion.

The gta 3 game is accessible to download on play store. The cost of amusement is high. So everybody need to download gta 3 for nothing in mobiles. So to download the gta 3 on mobiles gaming guruji is providing you links to do it for no price.
To download and Play gta 3 in android you should need enough space in your phone. The connection link to get gta is given below.

To play the game you  have to download gta 3 files from given  below third party link. And follow the process to install GTA III game on your android smartphone.

The Process to download gta 3 and Play gta III in android:

  • Download The apk and obb of gta 3 for android. 
  • Download Zarchiver to extract obb file of gta 3. 
  • Extract files using Z-Archiver or any other app
  • Cut/copy and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile memory in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of GTA III. 
  • Start the game and Play GTA III on your android smartphone.

How to use GTA III cheats with Jcheater APK :

  • After installing, open GTA 3 Cheater App.
  • Click on enable input method and from available keyboard enable JCheater(GTA III keyboard) (Press ok on any popup).
  • Click on choose input method and select GTA 3 Keyboard.
  • Now click on Start and you'll see small watermark on your screen with word "CHEAT".
Now play GTA 3 Game and in the game press cheat on your screen than select cheat you want to apply, press minimise to minimise keyboard.

Gta III cheats apk

With give me tank(something like tank) cheat you'll see different vehicles spawning in front of you,press again to change the vehicle.

To Download GTA III Game follow the below link:

GTA 3 APK Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 OBB Link (Latest Version 1.8)

GTA 3 MOD APK Link (V.1.8)



GTA III cheats APK Link

Gaming Guruji Download Games for free from 1 page

Gaming Guruji Download Games for free from 1 page brings popular premium android Games download links for free on 1 page so that you don't need to visit different posts for different downloads.

Gaming Guruji has been providing you various android games download link for free and also beta version of the PUBG mobile link is provided.

But Some of the visitors find it difficult to visit all the posts and links to download more than 1 games. So Guruji has decided to give you specific link for download the game rather than various download links and Gaming Guruji download page for some popular android games has been created.
Gaming guruji download image

So far Gaming Guruji Blog has given link to download the premium android games and on the post where there may be more than 1 link to download which sometime creates confusion about which file to download? So I have sorted down latest and working OBB and APK files link and present you download links below.

If you face any downloading or installing error then please write in the comment but before downloading any file please go through all the instructions of how to download and install android game.

As you know GTA games on android has been very popular and there are numbers of blogs and websites to give you free download link but many a times you download the file which does not even work, so it was required to give you genuine links to download those premium android games.

In some previous posts by Gaming Guruji, many topics has been discussed like how to download and install GTA vice city game or why Gaming Guruji Blogger is number 1 blog to download free premium android Games.

Is Gaming Guruji Download Games for free from 1 page permanent?

No, this page has been created for limited time because only download links has been given here without any instructions to install the game.

Even if you have downloaded correct files of the game but you did not put them at right place, game  will not run or may show error too. For GTA vice city download and how to extract obb files of the game, Guruji has written Gaming Guruji Blogger GTA vice city post where everything is explained with screenshots.

So this 1 page Gaming Guruji download links are bonus to our regular visitors who have thorough knowledge of installing android games but they are visiting 100s of pages to download other android Games.

All android games are updated to latest version as and when final OBB and APK files are perfectly working so if any android game link has not been updated to latest version, please wait and soon that will be done.

Gaming Guruji Download Links for Popular Android Games :

GTA Vice City (V.1.07) OBB Link
GTA Vice City (V.1.07) APK Link

GTA Vice City (V.1.09) OBB Link
GTA Vice City (V.1.09) APK Link

For More Links Please Visit GTA Vice City APK and OBB by Gaming Guruji

GTA San Andreas (V.2.0) OBB Link
GTA San Andreas (V.2.0) APK Link

For Older Version and other Info Please Visit GTA San Andreas APK OBB by Gaming Guruji

GTA III (V.1.8) OBB Link
GTA III (V.1.8) APK Link 

For older version and Cheats APK Please Visit GTA III by Gaming Guruji

GTA Liberty City Stories (V.2.3) OBB Link
GTA Liberty City Stories (V.2.3) APK Link

For Older Version and other Info Please Visit GTA Liberty City Stories APK OBB Download

WWE 2K Game APK and OBB Link 
WR3D 2K20 APK Link

For more detail WWE 2K and WR3D APK Please visit WWE 2K Game by Gaming Guruji

NFS Most Wanted OBB Link 
NFS Most Wanted APK Link

For more Links and detail on NFS Most Wanted Please visit NFS Most Wanted Car Racing Game

Modern Combat 4 OBB Link 
Modern Combat 4 APK Link

Download Modern Combat 4 on Android and other info on Modern Combat 4 APK and OBB Download Page

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game OBB and APK Link

For more info on the amazing spider-man 2 video game please visit TASM 2 Video game APK OBB

Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.17.0| PUBG Mobile Lite Update |

Pubg mobile game
Download PUBG mobile beta version 0.17.0 now. And PUBG mobile lite V.0.15.0 update.

PUBG Mobile Royal pass season 11 has been launched on android to download and one can download final version from Play Store and any new beta version as and when available from same link as provided at the bottom of the post.

PUBG Mobile :

Download the beta version of PUBG mobile to experience the latest version features and tweaks. You can only guest login in beta version of the game and sometimes if package error is shown , you should try download it again.

PUBG mobile version 0.16.0 had been rolled out on 11th December,where new RageGear mode has been introduced which is available in Evo mode.

More details of PUBG mobile beta version 0.17.0 and other older version detail can be read below. 

With the PUBGmobile beta apk you can play latest PUBG Mobile Beta Version and chance to experience amazing new guns,new map,new skins and many more updates.

New PUBGmobile v.0.16.0 update brings RageGear mode where you can play death race match. This mode has been divided into two modes, TDM and Pick Up. Rage Gear mode is available in one map , Ring of Sand , only for now.

There are three modes in PUBG game, most common and old modes are Classic and Arcade and in the Classic mode there are 4 maps available Erangel,Miramar,Sanhok and Vikendi to play the game while in Arcade mode there are three map War,Mini zone and quick match and you can play PUBG in Single,Duos and Squad team in TPP and FPP.

In earlier version of PUBG mobile, an extra team deathmatch Mode in EvoGround mode in place of Event Mode was added,where you can find zombie mode too.

pubg mobile zombie mode for android

Zombie mode of PUBG mobile is very interesting as you fight with the zombies and zombies do not use any weapon but can kill you with their own quality. Like male zombies spit on you,female zombies scratches and tyrants will attack by throwing stones. In the latest beta version there is new infection mode.

As we all know PUBG game has been trending amongst all gamers since its release. PUBG can be played on all platform and most popular version is PUBGmobile on PC with emulator and some emulator players have already got this version which you can watch in their PUBG Mobile stream on Youtube.

What's New in PUBG mobile V.0.17.0 Beta update

  • Death Camera.
  • Colour Blind Mode.
  • Extreme Cold Mode.
  • Tactical Map marker.
  • New Gun DBS.
  • UZI pro, use red dot or holo in UZI.
  • Some new places in Erangel.

    Details of PUBG mobile older Versions:

    New features in PUBG mobile V.0.16.0 Beta update

    • Quick switch button for TPP and FPP within Game.
    • New add on to Erangel Map, Snow in some area.
    • New Death Race Mode.
    • Erangel 2.0 may be added in final version.

    New features in PUBG mobile V.0.15.0 update

    • New Payload mode as Evoground mode
    • Travel in helicopter and BRDM vehicle.
    • Vehicle repair kit.
    • Ledge Grab.
    • New armoured vehicle called BRDM-2.
    • Graffiti sticker functionality.

    New features in PUBG mobile V.0.14.0 update

    • New UI.
    • Brand New Infection Mode.
    • Glitches and New Bug fixed.
    • New Rewards.
    • Pirate main menu theme.
    • Global treasure hunt ( Hunt treasure during the match).
    • Number of daily mission reduced.
    • Play as a Zombie in 15 minutes showdown.

    New features available in PUBG mobile v.0.13.5 update
    • New Gun PP-19 Bizon (9mm).
    • New Ocean Theme and HDR mode.
    • Better and Intuitive season Interface.
    • Automatic credit of Rewards at the end of Session.
    • Improvement in messaging system and new tier icons.
    • Tier ranking will have more impact of killing points.
    • Better visual effects and minor bug fix.

      New features available in PUBG mobile v.0.13.0 update

      1. New Avatars and Frame
      2. Team Deathmatch Event in EvoGround mode
      3. New Gun Bizon (available in Erangel and Vikendi Map)
      4. Terror Fang KAR98K , new addition to the gun lab
      5. Secret cave in vikendi map, where lots of loot will be available

      Pubgmobile new update version

      New features of PUBG mobile v.0.12.0 update

      1. New explosive crossbow and new weapon RPG -7,will be available only in new event mode or zombie mode in PUBG.
      2. EvoGround Mode : 1. Zombie Darkest Night 2. Zombie Survive till dawn 2.
      3. Spectate anyone from the friend list in PUBG game.
      4. You can change Crosshair color now.
      5. Male voice may be added in quick chat.
      6. You can use Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies.
      7. You'll find jumping zombies and zombie dogs, also zombies can climb over some walls and after hitting by bullets,zombies will move slowly.
      8. New companion like pigeon or eagle, may be added like Garena Free Fire.

      Some highlights of PUBG mobile v.0.11.5 update

      In version 0.11.5 update, there is dynamic weather in Erangel and miramar, a new rifel G36C in Vikendi map of PUBG and a new vehicle Tukshai for Sanhok . In the event mode, zombies will be able to enter to more places in map and you will find more zombies outside the zone,damage outside zone in the night has been increased etc.

      Download PUBGmobile Beta Version 0.17.0 (iOS)

      PUBGM Android Beta Link 1

      GTA Vice City | GTA 2 SA | GTA 3 | GTA 5

      GTA Liberty city stories| GTA Celo Mod  

      TEKKEN Game | NFS Hot Pursuit | 

      Final versiin of PUBG mobile V.016.5 update has been released with New Royal Pass season 11 on 10th January 2020, so update your game and if you haven't downloaded Pubg on your mobile yet then you can download it from Play store for Free।।

      PUBG Mobile Lite :

      Like PUBG PC lite version , lite version for mobile has been released so Download PUBG mobile lite version if you do not have high end device and it is available to download for free. (Link is given below)

      pubg mobile zombie mode

      Earlier your mobile must have at least 2 GB RAM or more for smooth play and at least 4 GB free space to download and update PUBGM Game., But now PUBG mobile Lite has been launched for lower end hardware devices.

      You can download the PUBGM Lite version from Play Store which is less than 500mb in size and game has been optimized for low end hardware devices. PUBG Mobile lite version can run on entry level smartphones with less than 2GB ram.

      Some Features of PUBGM Lite Version :
      • Bullet Trail Adjustment
      • Enhanced Aim Assistant
      • Upgrade to Winner Pass (Replaces Royal Pass)
      • Weapon Recoil Suppression
      • Extended time to kill
      • Location Display

      New updated version 0.15.0 of PUBGmobile lite has been rolled out and below I have given a list of what is new in PUBGM lite updated version.

      • Team Deathmatch mode
      • New TDM Map: Warehouse. Fast-paced 4v4 with endless respawns. 
      • Winter Festival is here!
      • Season 5 starts on 01/01/2020 open till March 2020.
      • New Social Features
      • Teammate markers - can see the status of each teammate.
      • Personal marker - marking enemy locations upon hit.
      • CLANS are available. Create one with friends!

      Older version 0.14..6 of PUBG mobile lite features :

      • Halloween Survive till Down Mode.
      • New M134 Minigun.
      • Updated winner pass feature
      • New charachter Victor in Survive till down mode.
      • New Video Rewards.
      • Faster Game Entry.

      DOWNLOAD PUBG mobile Lite

      Download highly compressed GTA vice city and San andreas Game | GTA VC

      Download highly compressed GTA vice city and San andreas Game data, so you save your internet data but you can enjoy the most downloaded and the most searched game on internet.
      Download highly compressed gta vice city game

      GTA VC and other gta games on android are generally have large data file size and it also takes time to download large files.

      Although if you have enough internet data to download any size of data than I'd suggest you to proceed to download uncompressed original game data file.

      Because sometime unarchieving compressed game files may fail or may not work, either due to file compression done with some software is not properly unarchieved by some other apps/software.

      As we have already posted original sized data files of all games in our blog but there are many people who are not able to download heavy sized data files.

      So Guruji has highly compressed data files of GTA VC and GTA san Andreas Game, which has reduced the file size to download.

      Compressed files are either in .zip or .7z formats and must be uncompressed with and third party app or software before these can be used.

      I'll advise you to use zArchiever app on android to uncompress these files and wait until files are successfully uncompressed , otherwise Game will not run.

      As only Game data files are heavy so only data files have been compressed and you must download apk file of the game from original post link which is given below.

      GTA Liberty city stories| GTA Celo Mod | GTA IIIGTA V | TEKKEN Game |

      GTA vice city OBB file is about 1.5 GB and GTA san Andreas Data file size is about 2.5GB around , so to file size after uncompress would be little more than 4GB.

      So Make sure your phone has around at least 5GB space free before dowloading and uncompressing both game files.

      It may take time to uncompress GTA game data files as file size has been reduced by heavily compressing using App/software, so please be patient while the process completes.

      GTA Vice City OBB compressed file link (.7z)

      GTA SanAndreas OBB compressed file link. (.7z)

      GTA san andreas data file after compressing is about 1.70GB but this file gives you high graphic and smooth Game and also you can easily use cheats as explained in GTA San andreas Download for android post.

      APK direct download link of these two games are given below, also you can download from original post of these games. Also you must read how to install the game and how to uncompress files in original post.

      GTA VC APK V.1.09 Link

      GTA SA APK Link

      Note : Read carefully how to install GTA vice city game in original post and follow the steps.

      Many of visitors ask how to download or complaint about game not downloading, so I am again telling you to click the download link and wait if it is one drive link, as download begins automatically or you can click down arrow button if download does not start automatically.

      Soon link for compressed data files of other heavy android games will be published here , so keep visiting or bookmark and do follow GamingGuruji on twitter @GurujiBlog for all updates,request and share.

      Download The Dark Knight Rises Game for Android | APK and Data file |

      The Dark Knight Rises thumbnail
      The Dark Knight Rises is a beautiful story mode game and below you can Download this game for android phone. There are two file links given, one is apk and other is Data file to download and enjoy this game on your android phone.


      The Dark Knight Rises is a third-singular movement game, driven by Batman, in which you ought to recall certain events from the latest part as you welcome a story exclusively for PC games.
      The Dark Knight Rises game screenshot

      Subsequent to being away for a long time, Bruce Wayne gets once more energetically as Batman. Hanging tight for him are the strange Selina Kyle and Bane, a deadly enemy on a campaign to destroy Batman's heritage piece by piece.

      In the game, you can move about as you like among tremendous measures of different goals all through Gotham, finishing various missions with contrasted objectives. These might join shielding detainees, finishing off lowlifes, responding to bomb perils and considerably more.

      Some other games by Gaming Guruji, you might like :
      Cricket Captain | GTA 5 | NFS Most Wanted | WWE 2k18 |Minecraft | WR3D wwe 2k17 | GTA San Andreas |

      Despite passing by strolling, in the midst of which there are minutes where you can send your entire arms reserve of hits and contraptions, in The Dark Knight Rises you can in like manner use a segment of Batman's vehicles, which empower you to development wherever all through the city at max throttle in a movement of outstanding missions.

      Meet the entirety of Batman's partners and recapture your solidarity to shield Gotham City from Bane.

      Become totally drenched in the story because of resemblances of all the motion picture's fundamental characters like Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon.


      Many missions in addition to arbitrary occasions will make you feel every one of the rushes of being a superhuman. Manage prisoner circumstances, bomb squads, escapes and vehicle pursues to demonstrate that you're the genuine defender of Gotham.
      The Dark Knight Rises game android

      An exciting battling framework that puts you directly in the core of the activity on account of a wide range of moves and realistic impacts.

      Gather things covered up inside the city to open updates and new battling aptitudes for Batman.

      How to Install the dark knight rises Game :

      Just download APK and Data file of the game and extract Data file, which is in .zip format, to Android-Data folder. Install APK of the game and start playing this nice game.

      Remember : Unzip data file to data folder inside android folder of your phone.

      Data File Link

      APK File Link

      NFS most wanted The best Car Racing Game link for android

      NFS most wanted car racing game
      Today Gaming Guruji going to give you APK and OBB Links to download best car racing game, NFS most wanted for android Mobile.

      And as we all enjoy car racing game in our P.C and Mobile too, so NFS most wanted car racing game is one of those games that you must play once. Music in the background is awesome when you play NFS car racing game on P.C


      NFS most wanted game for android is a fantastic car racing game where you just race in some fascinating way and be at the top 3 position to go to next level.

      Once you start playing game I guarantee, you are not going to leave the game quickly.

      The gaming guruji blog has brought you a nfs most wanted car racing game download link in this blog for android user but remember nfs downlod link is third party link which takes you to Google drive and you should download all the files and read instruction before installing game.

      Game files are in heavy size so make sure you have at least at least 2gb fast data connection available at the time of downloading this amazing game NFS Most wanted.


      If you have any problem in downloading or installing game, then you can comment us.

      NFS most wanted car racing game file is modded so don't worry. Just download and start playing this amazing car racing game but this is not an easy car racing game and not even like asphalt 8 where you can easily win the race, so keep patience and try with different cars and tricks to win the race.

      Do not forget to thank Guruji for bringing you such a wonderful car racing game NFS most wanted download link in free.

      How to install NFS Most Wanted Racing Game on Android

      • Get the Need for Speed most wanted file and download its data that are mostly in obb format.
      • Turn off your 3g and wifi connection before installing.
      • Now install the game.
      • After installation,Don’t open it.
      • Extract the NFS most wanted Data file by using any zip extractor.
      • Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/Data/ and name this folder to
      Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.

      Link (Both obb and apk file)
      New Link for data file (Mediafire)

      APK Link (For mediafire data file)

      NFS Most Wanted 1.3.128 OBB data file Link 

      NFS Most Wanted 1.3.128 APK Link

      So download and enjoy and share this post to everyone.

      OK Golf Android Game APK latest Version


      Ok golf game apk obb
      Download OK Golf Game latest APK and OBB from gaming guruji's blog and enjoy this amazing sports game in your mobile.

      OK Golf Game is a genuine 3D golf match-up. The image quality is stunning and sensitive. The interactivity is basic. 

      Simply utilize your finger to tenderly slide it and hit the ball. Obviously, there are different factors in the game that may influence your play, for example, dugouts, trees, sand, wind, etc! So in the event that you need to play a decent ball, you have to think a ton.

      You might have been playing GTAPUBG Mobile , COD mobile and many more games on your Android mobile but don't sometime you feel to play a different game?

      So here is, OK golf game which is an easy Sports game and with 11 different locations and so many maps in the location to play mobile golf is a good choice to enjoy your time with some different android game.

      Ok golf android game

      OK Golf is the quintessence of golf, refined to a tee. Play a speedy round anyplace, whenever on jazzy dioramas enlivened by exemplary hitting the fairway goals. Simple to play, hard to put down, ideal for all ages and impedes!

      OK Golf Android Game Features :

      Just aim, drag and release to shoot the ball. No clubs, just you and the ball.

      Inspired by beautiful and iconic locations, each course is a handcrafted miniature diorama.

      Enjoy a moment of zen while you play a round of golf immersed in the calming sounds of nature.

      Unlock new courses and secret areas and challenge yourself with different game modes.

      Compete online with golfers all over the world and face your neighborhood friends with the Pass & Play multiplayer feature.

      Ok Golf is available to download on Play store at ₹220 or you can download the game from below given links.

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      Cricket Captain | GTA 5 | NFS Most Wanted | WWE 2k18 |Minecraft | WR3D wwe 2k17 | GTA San Andreas |

      Download OK Golf APK LINK

      Download OK Golf OBB LINK

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