GTA Vice city APK Free download for Android-No.1 Game in 2021-22 by Gaming Guruji Blog - Gaming Guruji Blog

GTA Vice city APK Free download for Android-No.1 Game in 2021-22 by Gaming Guruji Blog

GTA vice city apk No.1 downloaded Android game by GamingGuruji

GTA Vice city Apk Free download for Android is No.1 Game in this blog in 2021-22, Published by Gaming Guruji in his GTA Vice City APK Download Post. Where Gaming Guruji has cleared all the doubts and given full information about GTA Vice City game free Download and Install process for Android. 

Not only GTA VC APK and OBB , but Gaming Guruji has given the download Links for so many premium android games to download for 100% free.

In the year 2022, God knows how many android user will be looking for GTA vice city APK free download for Android but If you are the one who is interested in Playing GTA vice city game on android for free then You are at right place.

Grand theft auto vice city released in 2002 this action thriller is highly regarded as one of the best games ever made.GTA VC Android game has been all time popular android game since its release and there are so many android gamer who are always looking for free download of premium games, that’s why Gaming Guruji has created beautiful Blog to download those games.

5 Reasons Why GTA Vice City APK No.1 Free Download for Android in 2021-22 :

1. The story what better way to start things often with Vice City story,aside from its amazing game play elements like fake sharks cops literally everywhere you turn. GTA Vice City takes us on a wild tour of the criminal underworld with Tommy Vercetti as he rises to become vice city central criminal power having just made it back onto the streets after a 14-year prison stay Tommy a cent of  Vice city to keep his head down and stay out of trouble but all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in this glamorous metropolis known as vice city.

2. Shows from the 1980s like Scarface Miami connection a Miami Vice 1980s Miami was in a world of its own from its scenic views neon vibe and nightlife and also being the cocaine capital of the world this made for the perfect setting for a grand theft auto game one that was so grand that it's one of the only GTA cities to never actually be remastered or recreated

3. Even though there have since been numerous other amazing GTA titles released but you will always find yourself returning back to this one in particular,soundtrack for this game is phenomenal.

4. Though GTA Vice City was made in its entirety in less than one year Rockstar was able to amass a group of Hollywood celebrities to voice their characters ranging from Ray Liotta to Burt Reynolds and evenLuis Guzman this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of characters when it comes to Vice City they are all so colorful and full of life and emotion that it leaves you just coming back for more every single time.

5. The best thing about GTA Vice City Game APK, while everything so far in this video Game has been pretty grand but favorite things about the game are the amount of secrets and Easter eggs riddled with in this virtual world from simple yet intricate things like a literal chocolate easter egg being hidden in the middle of a random building.

Apart from GTA VC APK and OBB there are few other premium games which has been popular in 2021-22 which I must mention here : 

GTA San Andreas
Max Payne
WWE 2k18 and WR3D
NFS Most Wanted
Human Fall Flat

How to Download and Install GTA Vice City Free APK and extract OBB 

1. Download  GTA Vice City APK for free and GTA VC OBB file . (You can download APK and obb of your choice but try to download same version file)

2. Second step is to unrar/unzip OBB you have downloaded, to extract you can use either 7Z or Zarchiever app.

If you are using Zarchiver App then open the app and go to Download location,where you have download file in the app, Mostly it is Download folder in your mobile. 

How to Extract GTA VC OBB

How to Extract GTA VC OBB

How to Extract GTA VC OBB

Next step is to click once in GTA-Vice-City-obb.7z or .rar or .zip (obb file may have different name),then you can choose either extract or extract here,

How to Extract GTA VC OBB

we will choose extract(1) and then click on top and select Device memory

How to Extract GTA VC OBB

then open Android folder
How to Extract GTA VC OBB

and at last click on obb folder to open it and press Green button which is shown at bottom right side in your zarchiver app and wait for extract process to complete.

once you have successfully extracted OBB at right place then it’s time to install APK now.

3. Go to Setting ->security and check Install from Other Sources, click OK for prompt message.
Install GTA Vice City APK for free now.

Run the game and never update the game or sometime you need to swith off your data for some games but GTA VC apk will run without problem even if internet is on.

If you have followed all the steps above then there won’t be any problem to play GTA VC game on your android Mobile. 

Above installation and OBB extracting steps can be followed for all android games which you have download from websites or blogs.

Though GTA Vice City APK is available to download from thousands of websites but if you are not sure of security or hesitant about installing games from third parties then please download it from play store by paying around $1.75.

Download from Play Store

Download GTA Vice City (Mod V 1.09) OBB from Google Drive Link

Download GTA Vice City (Mod V 1.09) APK for free from Google Drive Link

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