GTA V download Apk for android
Download GTA V APK and OBB for Android for free from Gaming Guruji Blog and Please take note that Grand Theft Auto V for Android is heavily modified version of GTA San Andreas with many changes, improvements and optimized gameplay.
Guys you can download APK and enjoy GTA 5 Game like environment and vehicles in your android mobile and you don't need to purchase anything. Just download GTA san andreas 2.0 version and download mods pack available on internet and start play GTA V on your mobile.

GTA 5 has not been released for Android or Mobile Phones and whatever or from wherever you get the game by GTA V name even Gaming Guruji Blog GTA V game,is actually hard modded GTA San Andreas game. But Beautiful cars and high resolution graphics will really amuse you while playing so called GTA V mobile.

I've added new link for the same as so many of you are interested to play that game. But remember actual GTA V is not available on mobile yet.

I'm providing you a link which is working but you must change brightness setting in the game to 100% or sometime you need to adjust it for white screen problem.

Link to download GTA SA Mod data. (Adreno GPU)
Or You can use Data files (not obb)  of  GTA V (Hard modded SA) Link given below.

You don't need to download files from below links, because there is no guarantee that works or not. What you need is to download GTA san andreas version 2.0 from our blog and GTA SA mod data file from above link or any other Link.

To Play GTA V on your android mobile,download GTA san andreas version 2.0 from Gaming Guruji Blog and do the installation process.

GTA san andreas installation will be done as instructed on that page, you just need to put downloaded mod data file from above link to Android-Data folder after unzip.

So here you go, Now with this new link you can download hard modded San Andreas game. Guys you will find the modded game only as GTA V everywhere , so I share this link with you and all files including guide to install Apk and Data whic is there in the .7z file.

Download GTA V (Hard modded SA) Link (Read above and download mod data file and GTA SA)

Follow the steps below properly to install the game from above link and start the gaming experience like GTA V on android Smartphone

How to Install GTA V APK(Steps to follow) :

If you have GTA San Andreas Game APK  already installed in your mobile, otherwise follow How to install GTA SA OBB and APK instruction given at the bottom of this post.

Step 1 : Open GTA V SA mod folder and copy the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to Android-OBB folder and replace/override old folder.
Step 2 : Open GTA V Data folder and copy the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to Android-Data Folder replace/override old folder.
Step 3 : Now install any one APK from given 2 APK files, try another one if one does not work for you.

Remember : In case once you installed an APK and that does not work then don't uninstall the game immediately, because you have to do Step 1 and Step 2 again.

Better go back to your OBB and Data folder and Change the name of folder from com.rockstargames.gtasa to anything like com.rockstargames100.gtasa then uninstall the APK.

Install new APK and change name of OBB and Data folder to the original com.rockstargames.gtasa.

GTA 5 Game or GTA V is a piece of world renowned GTA amusement arrangement, fundamentally, GTA has a progression of Gangster diversions which is notable by everybody.

GTA 5 Game is an open world activity and enterprise diversion. All parts of GTA recreations got so much notoriety and fame.

For the most part these diversions are accessible by paid yet we don't constrain this to any installments, everything that shows up on my site is accessible for nothing. Here I will demonstrate to you best practices for GTA V Game download APK+Data for Android unreservedly.

GTA Vice CityGTA 2 SA | GTA IIIGTA Cleo Mod | GTA 100% Save Game |

There are some other links below if you want to give a try, but I'd suggest only download GTA V from gaming guruji blog link provided above on this page because download size is more than 2GB and downloading may cost you so much.

Read all download and Installation instructions carefully for proper setup of GTA V game and if you like to play modded Game than do checkout MOD games on Gaming Guruji Blog .

You can find on Play store only GTA V Manual which is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V. Contains over 100 pages covering everything from Game Controls, and Features to a tour through the local neighbourhoods and activities across Los Santos and Blaine County - plus a special interactive version of the game map to zoom in and explore.

Download links

APK Link (Third party Link)

Updated Data cache Link (Third party Link)

Data Cache Link ( One Drive Link)

How to Install GTA SA APK and OBB 

Step 1 : Extract .zip file using any extractor app.

Step 2 : First Copy or cut GTA OBB folder from the extracted data and paste to SdCard(internal storage)-->Android-->OBB or directly extract to Android--obb folder

Step 3 : Then Copy or cut GTA SA data folder,the extracted data and paste to SdCard(internal storage)-->Android-->Data or directly extract to Android--Data folder
Note: don't put DATA folder in OBB folder!!!

Step 4 : Install .apk file you get.