Max Payne Apk V.1.7 OBB Download Mod APK from Gaming Guruji Blog - Gaming Guruji Blog

Max Payne Apk V.1.7 OBB Download Mod APK from Gaming Guruji Blog

Max Payne Game APK by GamingGuruji 
Download Max Payne Game APK V.1.7 and OBB from gaming guruji blog– an offline Single Player shooter game for android. You can download mod APK for lot more weapons in the game.

The story line revolves around NYPD detective Max Payne whose family's murdered during his involvement in a drug case god no the loss of his wife and daughter starts max on the vendetta to slaughter everyone involved in his family's death. 

Max Payne Game APK is basically the same as the 11-year old PC version with only a few minor differences such as HD graphics and on-screen touch controls the big difference from the PC version is
obviously the touch controls with the left thumb controlling movement and with the right controlling viewing direction.

There are also buttons for jumping bullet time and shooting to switch between weapons, tap the triangle on top of the screen to use pain killers and clicking icon using touch controls to play the game takes a bit of practice if you're used to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Though the game is very playable using touch controls but there are a few moments of frustration throughout the game. Fortunately the mobile version includes the option to enable aim assist which helps you lock your aim quickly on targets another cool feature is the option to completely skip a level after failing to complete it three times with its revolutionizing bullet time concept and filmy story line.

Max Payne APK for Android is still a solid game once the initial quirkiness and frustration of using touch controls has passed the game is very enjoyable and even addicting and it also adds to the coolness factor to be playing a game on a mobile at once required a top-of-the-line PC.

Presently, every one of these impacts, shooting in moderate movement and a terrible tense plot, are exchanged to the portable stage!

Max Payne, the honor winning title is currently accessible for Android phones. This offline game is overall nice to play in your android mobile phone.

Screen size of the max payne game APK will be same as modern combat 4 game and graphics in the game are same as gta vice city game.

Game is sold under Rockstar games label ,and also Other famous game you can find by rockstar in GamingGuruji Blog.
GTA Vice City | GTA 2 SA | GTA 3 | GTA 5

A criminal covert cop encircled for kill, chased by cops and the crowd, Max is a man with his luck run dry, battling a fight he can't would like to win. Max Payne mobile game is a steady story-driven android game about a man on the edge, battling to demonstrate his innocence while attempting to reveal reality about his killed family among a bunch of plot-turns.

The notable unique true to life activity shooter, Max Payne presented the idea of Bullet Time® in video games. Through its snazzy moderate movement gun play joined with a dull and bent story, Max Payne reclassified the activity shooter kind.

What's New in Max Payne Game APK V.1.7?

  1. High quality stunning graphics.
  2. Improved touch screen Gameplay.
  3. Controls can be customized as per player needs.
  4. Multiple Aiming Modes.
  5. Max Payne's signature slow motion gunplay.
  6. Adjust graphic Setting as per your needs.

How to Install Max Payne mobile Game APK :

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Get the Max Payne mibile data in obb format.
  4. Install apk but Don’t open it.
  5. Extract the Max Payne Game Data file by using any zip extractor.
  6. Now after extracting you have a folder with obb file(s). Put this folder into the location sdcard/Android/obb/ and name this folder to com.rockstar.maxpayne or you can directly extract zip file to sdcard/Android/obb/ 
  7. Note: Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.
  8. Now run your game without any errors.

Google Drive Download Links for Max Payne APK V.1.7  :

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Max Payne OBB Download Link

Max Payne APK Download Link

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