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Dead cell android game APK
Dead cells, an amazing android Game, is now available to download at Gaming Guruji Blog. So just go through the post and Download Dead cells APK.

Dead Cells is a 2D platformer whose developers describe it as a “RogueVania”, bringing in different typical mechanics that a Roguelikeor Castlevania style game brings to the table.

The main character is constantly breathing and appears to have depth by the way his body rotates, there are foreground and backgrounds art assets that give a sense of scale for where you are standing. And every animation makes good use of high frame rate, you won’t see any choppy movement here, everything appears incredibly smooth and realistic.

After a few greetings from supporting characters, you set off to clear the seemingly cursed island of hostiles. The plot is minimalistic but still provides an engaging mystery to uncover.

Strange encounters with shady NPC’s and hidden notes scattered throughout each stage allude to past events that provide just enough loreto crave answers. Even after completing the game for the first time,a host of secrets and lingering questions remain. Dead Cells is designed to be played through multiple times. Each run on normal difficulty takes about 45 minutes, but most attempts will end in crushing defeat. It takes a considerable number of tries before you’ll finally succeed.

Dead cells apk android game

It’s just another way Dead Cells makes you adapt in the moment and helps each run feel truly unique in a significant way. Lastly, up to three mutations can be equipped that give you varying advantages. Necromancy rewards you with health after successful kills, while Vengeance provides a damage buff after taking a hit. Mutations are some of the harder rewards to uncover, but each one is a powerful tool in your arsenal, making each acquisition feel monumental.

Final Thoughts : Dead Cells is hands down one of my favorite games I’ve played, and I certainly believe it’s one of the best in the genre. I am very excited and curious to see what the developer plans to do with the game going forward.

There is no OBB file download for this game, you just need to download APK which is around 800mb in size and install the game in your android phone but you may require latest Play Games app for this game to run.

Dead Cells is available at play store for around $8.5 or ₹590 , if you really like to enjoy this game, you can also download it from Play Store.

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