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GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics Mod APK and OBB (Unlimited money and Unlimited Health)

GTA SA mod Apk unlimited health
Download GTA San Andreas (GTA SA) Definitive mod,Ultra Graphics Mod APK and OBB for unlimited money,unlimited health,HD graphics like GTA V from Gaming Guruji Blog. Below are some popular GTA san andreas Ultra Graphics mod APK links, so download and enjoy the game.

GTA San Andreas originally created and developed by Rockstar games and is very popular game not only on Android but in all other platforms.

Gaming community around the world has been developing mod version of the game to play and enjoy the game according to their comfort.

And you'll find modded version of almost all offline android games whether it is GTA vice city or minecraft or dream league soccer.

Avid Gamers use the mod version of games because sometime it is hard to clear some stage of the game and they want to finish the game to experience the fun and adventure of the whole game.

If you are looking for some fun and thrill with GTA SA then you should download mod APK of the game of your choice.

Although in some mod games you might find it difficult to install the game or see some errors after opening the game. To avoid such errors, Please read installation guide carefully before installing and starting the game.

GTA san Andreas has got many different versions apart from original APK, in our Blog, we have already posted the links to download original GTA SA Game APK and  GTA SA cleo mod APK but there are some other mod APKs like unlimited health,unlimited money and HD graphics mod etc. Download links for all these mod APK can be found below.

Mod APKs are modded game version which modify the original game assets or data in some particular way they are intended to. To play these mod games, one needs valid APK and OBB file of the game.

Some features of GTA SA Ultra Graphics mod APK

  1. Cloud saving option is available, all game progress can be saved online.
  2. Better on screen control options are available.
  3. More Graphics control options are available, if you are facing any lag issue than you can change the graphics setting with mod apk.
  4. More language options available.
  5. MoGA wireless game controller compatible with almost all bluetooth and usb gamepad.

So Gaming Guruji here brings links to download some popular GTA San Andreas mod APK and OBB file.

1. Most popular GTA San Andreas mod version is GTA V , Where GTA SA has been modified to Ultra Graphics,new modern cars and weapons etc.

Download GTA V APK 

GTA san andreas mod apk

. 2nd popular mod version is unlimited money and unlimited health, which can be done in two ways. First trick is to use GTA SA cheater APK and apply cheats and 2nd one is to install mod APK and enjoy the game with unlimited health and money. 

But when you use cheater APK, You don't need separate OBB files and you can take advantage of cheats for unlimited money, unlimited health, unlimited ammo and weapons as per your choice.

GTA SA Unlimited Health & Money Mod OBB Download Link

GTA San Andreas Unlimited Health and Money Mod OBB Download Link 1

GTA San Andreas Unlimited Health and Money APK Download Link   Link1


3. 3rd most popular MOD version of game is HD or Ultra 4K graphics Mod APK, where everything remains same in the game but you see highest quality graphics. 

Although HD and Ultra graphics may not support all Android Mobile and also you must have a high end device to run this GTA SA graphics mod APK smoothly.

GTA SA HD and Ultra 4K Graphics mod APK

GTA San Andreas OBB Download Link

Bonus : I provide you GTA SA Definitive Mod APK and OBB file link as a bonus download and I am sure you'll enjoy this Definitive mod version. Download the .7z file from below link and it contains both APK and Data file.

Changes and Updates to GTA SA Definitive mod APK Version :

  1. Parachute Bug.
  2. Car Cabin Light.
  3. Modern Drive-By Mechanics.
  4. Car Light Shadows.
  5. Fire Spread & Other Improvements.
  6. Post Explosion Effects.
  7. CJ Vs. Car Crash.
  8. Skybox.
  9. UI Overhaul.
  10. Autosave Feature.
  11. Helicopters Vs. Water.
  12. Rain Affects Your Car Handling.
  13. Thermal Goggles.

GTA SA mod APK Download

Remember there may be 
Data file (so many files inside folder) not OBB (.obb) so you need to put that extracted folder inside Data folder in Android folder in your mobile.

GTA SA Definitive mod APK and OBB Download  Link

Download GTA San Andreas Definitive mod OBB (Mediafire Link)

Download GTA SA Definitive mod APK (Google Drive Link)

GTA San Andreas definitive mod apk

Try if mod APK can work with original OOB file, if no, then download compatible mod OBB file and follow the instruction of installation given in the GTA San Andreas APK V.2.0 post.

GTA SA definitive mod apk
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