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DOOM and DOOM 2 Game for Android

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DOOM an action shooter single person premium android game launched on android on its 25th anniversary.

Doom game is a 3D graphics , first person shooting game where player choose difficulty level, which directly affects the various aspects of the game.

This game launched on PC long ago and developers has maintained same level of gameplay on android too. Today Gaming Guruji presents you this premium android game links for both Doom and Doom 2 at one place.

As we have been enjoying many multiplayer,third person games but Doom game introduced as first person shooting game very successfully with amazing graphics.

Doom game has been played by millions around the world since it launched and it is popular for mode of gameplay in FPS genre.
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About Doom and Doom 2 Game and Download Link :

In the first part of Doom Game, a gamer discovers that there is an astronaut who works for the United Aerospace Corporation. And in the game everything happens in Mars, its satellites, Phobos and Deimos, and KLA's laboratories or hell.  Which has been captured by demons due to the failure of the portal, and your hero fights these demons to save the Earth.

Download Doom OBB Link

Download Doom APK Link

And in the second part of Doom Game, the player escapes from Mars and returns to Earth. But, things here are not as he always expected.  The danger in the earth has increased even more, since demons have come to Earth from Mars. Now the player will have to go through even bigger and more complex levels.  The challenges are more complicated because the demons have become stronger this time, the mission, this time is not to escape or run away, but to save the earth from these demons who are using an incredible variety of weapons.

It will not be possible to kill the Bosses in one shot, no matter how good your aim is, as these bosses are distinguished by an increased level of health. The boss can attack more than once in the game with his 4 monster guards. If a player uses the appropriate strategy, he will have to fight a weak monster because these bosses also kill each other.  And the player can move forward in the game with minimal damage.

The armory in unique Doom for Android is assorted and ground-breaking. You can execute beasts utilizing guns, vitality weapons or a cutting apparatus. All weapons are modern and anecdotal. There are no ties to genuine brands and types. Strikingly, there is likewise no limitation on the number and weight of weapons. A gamer can drape himself from head to toe with flamethrowers and automatic weapons, and get a cutting apparatus.

You can also use cheats available in the game menu of Doom II by pausing the game and click on Options then Cheats and use any cheat option you want to activate in the game.
Doom 2 game cheat

Although game controls and sensitivity in the game, are most important to handle, for playing this game efficiently.

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How to Install Doom Game :

It is quite simple and similar to other games, Download OBB file and APK file of Doom or Doom 2 Game or both if you want to play both. Extract the OBB zip file inside OBB folder which is inside Android folder in your phone storage. Then install apk and enjoy the game.

There is also Doom 3 BFG edition available at play store but unfortunately my device was not compatible so I have not given any link for that.

Download Doom II OBB Link

Download Doom II APK Link
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