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GTA 3 Version 1.9 APK and OBB - Mod APK Download for Free

Download GTA III version 1.9 APK and OBB from Gaming Guruji Blog, Rockstar Games has updated many GTA games like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA 3,to resolve the compatibility issue with Android 10 or up.

To play this latest version of GTA 3 game on your Android mobile , you must have Android version 7 or up and at least 2 GB RAM but you can play older version 1.8 of Grand Theft Auto III in Android mobiles having android version 4.4 and up.

A a young age you'd love every moment of GTA 3, it's big open world that looks like New York City, driving around,stealing cars getting into fights and shootouts with enemies and the cops,a game where you could be a criminal,be rewarded for it and just have fun.

Grand Theft Auto 3 starts off with a heist and our playable character Claude his girlfriend Catalina and their get-away driver Miguel having just robbed a bank.Unfortunately Claude is immediately betrayed by Catalina who shoots him and leaves him as the Fall Guy.When she gets away with Miguel sometime later after being convicted.

Claude is in a police truck with a convoy of cops transporting him to jail before he has to worry about dropping the soap in the showers the Convoy is ambushed a group of men kidnapping an old oriental gentleman that was in the truck with Claude during the confusion.

Grand theft auto 3 is a violent game and there's nothing stopping the player from being a mass murderer,there are plenty of ways to kill people in grand theft auto 3 and killing people in this game is a ton of fun in fact and you can enjoyed the subsequent police chases and shootouts and complete the game.You can have more fun to get into firefights with gang members as this is a game that lets you do things that you would never do in real life.

Grand theft auto 3 does feature a wanted system committing enough crimes or crimes in view of police will attract police attention represented by wanted stars,the more stars you acquire the more aggressive the police responds.They'll chase you down on foot in vehicles and cops will set up roadblocks eventually police helicopters SWAT and the FBI will come after you and if you reach a six-star wanted level the military gets involved.

You can easily lose a one-star rating by staying away from cops and out of trouble long enough but two or more then you'll need to either find a pain spray or collect police bribe pickups found in the world the world does contain other pickups scattered around including health and armor and adrenaline pills which will temporarily slow down time.Weapons can also be found throughout the city and you can store each of them in your inventory and switch between them on the fly now.

GTA III mod apk will give you lots of money to buy weapons and other stuff, also you can download GTA 3 cheater APK from GTA 3 APK V.1.8 post and try with this latest version if your phone has android 7 or up OS.

Download GTA 3 V 1.9 Mod APK 

Download GTA 3 V 1.9 Mod OBB (Google Drive Link)

Download GTA III version 1.8 

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