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Incredible Hulk Game on Android by Gaming Guruji

Incredible Hulk Game on Android by Gaming Guruji : Today Gaming Guruji in classic mode...huh..yeah.. All you who would like to play classic games, I've provided you link to download Incredible Hulk game for android.

Although it does not have Graphics and controls like modern games but I think it is a nice game to try. If you are not a mature man like me,this game is definitely for you.

As we know there are many games not available for android platform but Nitendo,PS and Xbox. So to play games like incredible hulk which is available to play on Nitendo, you need an emulator on your mobile and data file.

Incredible Hulk Game on Android

I have provided AseDS emulator which worked for me but you can use other emulators too.

Gaming guruji has provided you some PSP Games on his blog which you can play on your android mobile phone, so do check them out from below given Links.

AseDS emulator by default keep settings on portable mode and sound off. You should turn sound on by going to the settings from 3 dots on right bottom of you screen.

And best thing about this emulator is you can play other games too like super mario and pokemon which were released on nitendo. But screen size is compromised.

And portable mode is fine to play incredible hulk game on mobile because on the top half screen you see the game playing and on bottom half screen there are big controls easy to touch.

Incredible hulk game file is small , so I've uploaded Game file and emulator apk in .zip with password : so just download it and unzip.

Put .nds file in mobile's internal memory not on memory card.

And after installing AseDS emulator , click on the .nds file from AseDS emulator app.

So enjoy hulk game on Android by Gaming Guruji Blog.

Download Incredible Hulk Game.
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