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Download Prince of Persia Revelation PSP Game APK For Android : Gaming Guruji

Download Prince of Persia revelation PSP Game APK for android by Gaming Guruji : This game is successor of Price of Persia game and now you all can play this game on your android mobile by using PPSSPP apk which is free to download at play store.

Price of Persia revelation game's graphics looks ok and sound is low on mobile but it feels nice to play this action packed adventure game.

Prince of Persia game APK

About Prince of Persia Revelation Game :

The Prince can use two weapons at any given moment just as the capacity to take his foes' weapons and toss them.  Despite the rewind, back off, and quicken powers from Sands of Time, the Prince also has another sand control: a round "wave" of sand that pounds down sweeping foes similarly as hurting them.

As you clear your path through the crusade, you'll open various sand controls that let you do intriguing things with time. One of these forces is review, which enables you to rewind time a couple of moments. This proves to be useful as you explore the riddles and traps all through the dimensions.

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The Prince's collection of battle moves has been ventured into differing strings that enable players to assault adversaries with more intricacy than was conceivable in the past diversion. Warrior Within has a darker tone than its antecedent including the capacity for the Prince to dispatch his adversaries with different violent completing moves.

On the off chance that you commit an error and pass on or take a great deal of harm, you can essentially rewind and attempt once more. Another sand control is essentially similar to Max Payne's projectile time, which gives you a chance to move at full speed while the remainder of the earth and adversaries are in moderate movement.

This gives you an incredible favorable position in battle. Other sand powers are zone impact spells that shock different adversaries. The sand powers expend sand in your sand tanks, and you can recharge these by overcoming adversaries or by breaking confines and other furniture the earth.

How to Install Prince of Persia game APK on android Mobile:

  1. Visit PPSSPP file and Prince of Persia game ISO data link below.
  2. Download prince of persia revelation .zip file from the link below and unzip it at any location.
  3. Now install the PSP emulator apk, and open it.
  4. You have a .iso file after unzipping. In the PSP emulator,You need to locate the iso of prince of persia game and open it with psp emulator and you ready to go.
  5. Now you can run your game and enjoy play.
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