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BGMI and Esports | Mobile Esports | Download Update

BGMI esports

Mobile esports are on the rise. Everyone’s got a smartphone or a tablet, and they’re loaded with video games. Games like BGMI, PUBGM, CoC, and Free Fire have millions of fans—and are bringing in millions in revenue.

Mobile eSports might just be the future of eSports games like PUBG mobile, BGMI, Call of Duty mobile,arena of Valor in Clash Royale.

Mobile eSports have massive fan bases and are pulling in millions of dollars in revenue and developers like riot are catching on and shifting their attention towards creating their own mobile versions of their games and even traditional eSports organizations have joined in on the trends popular teams like fnatic immortals and SK gaming have all established teams under popular mobile titles.

Tournament organizers have caught on, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to mobile esports players. Big name Esports teams are starting to get in on the action, too. The massive numbers that mobile titles are pulling in are unprecedented.

Not everyone can afford a high-end gaming computer, but nearly everyone has a smartphone and a Internet connection. Click a button to download, and you’re good to go.

Esports as a whole is booming, with major investors taking interest in tournaments like the PUBGM/BGMI Tournament series or Championship Series. This sector of gaming will revolutionize the entertainment and sports industries.

So with rapid growth in mobile eSports could this mark a shift away from PC and console gaming and will mobile completely take over and spark a new era for eSports 

Mobile esports will likely be a part of that, and it’s only just starting to get off the ground. Mobile gaming is the most lucrative segment of the gaming market,Huge projectors streaming the game, screaming crowds, tons of money on the line… just no desktop computers.

Traditional esports organizations have taken notice, too. Popular teams like SK Gaming, mousesports, G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Immortals now all field teams in mobile titles. Arena of Valor is just one game in the mobile multiplayer battle arena genre that’s taking over the competitive esports scene; with an estimated 200 million monthly active players in China alone, it’s got a huge user base.

Mobile games are one of the fastest growing parts of the gaming industry, which makes mobile esports attractive to team owners, like Immortals CEO Noah Whinston. Immortals will participate in the Arena of Valor World Cup in Los Angeles, California, for their chance at a massive $500,000 prize pool. Other teams like Vitality, Team Liquid, and SK Gaming are all expected to participate in the tournament, too.

Mobile gamers already understand just how big its esports sector can be, but traditional esports enthusiasts are just starting to realize mobile’s might. Arena of Valor in particular has tapped into something that resonates with global gamers.

For mobile esports to reach its highest potential, international companies will have invest similarly. And that’s already beginning: Mobile esports tournaments are only getting bigger and bigger. Each year, prize pools grow.

Traditional eSports fans are just starting to realize it and might be a little skeptical how can games that are less developed and played on less Hardware attract such serious players and fans well the key to this rise in mobile eSports is accessibility.

Not everyone can afford a massive high-end gaming computer or even the latest console but nearly everyone has a smartphone and access to Internet and in developing nations with the largest of populations high-end gaming computer couldn't be more true as a results mobile gaming is pulling in massive numbers and this is only the beginning for mobile eSports.

Upcoming PUBGM/BGMI Events :

BGMI India Series - Dates to be Announced

PMWI - PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022
Prize Pool - $7Million
Time : 11th August to 20th August 2022

PMWI Teams :
  1. Aton Esports (LATAM)
  2. Back2Back (North America)
  3. Box Gaming (Vietnam)
  4. Denizbank Wildcats (Turkiye)
  5. Donuts USG (Japan)
  6. Damwon Gaming (South Korea)
  7. Morph GGG (Indonesia)
  8. Nigma Galaxy (Arabia)
  9. Regan.S Gaming (China)
  10. Stalwart Esports (South Asia)
  11. Team Falcons ( Special Invite)
  12. Team Soul (India)
  13. TJB Esports EU (Western Europe)
  14. Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  15. Virtual Gaming Squad ( Africa)
  16. Vivo Keyd (Brazil)
  17. 4Rivals (MY/SG/PH)
  18. 52 Esports (Pakistan)
pmwi teams bgmi pubgm

PMWI 2022 - Main Tournament Points Table | 11th to 13th August

PMWI Points Table 2022 -1 to 8

PMWI Points Table 2022 - 4 to 11

PMWI Points Table 2022 - 11 to 18

From India Team Soul took part in the main event of PMWI 2022 and with one Chicken Dinner ranked at 11th position in overall rankings. Team soul got invited after winning BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) held in india in May-June 2022.

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