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Slaughter 2 Prison Assault Game on Android

Slaughter 2 prison assault on android is a small TPP and FPP Game to pass your time with some action. It is story based game where you have to kill enemies who are involved in riot happened in Burdeck Prison.
slaughter 2 prison assault game android

Personally what I felt about this Game reminds me some classic RPG games we all used to play, Slaughter 2 Game has minimum setting options and are very easy to use.

There is one shooting button which can shoot and also punch the enemy if they come very close, there are health packs available in the game and hp is shown on top left corner,and with swiping on gun on the top right corner you can change your guns.

I never played Slaughter Game but when playing Slaughter 2, I thought to give you link,you can also get it from Play Store, it is available on play store for around $1.20 or ₹80.

This Slaughter 2 Game on android is good for those who really likes to play shooting action game but don't have a high specification smartphone. Below is the Gameplay Video of this game you can watch the Slaughter 2 GamePlay on youtube and decide.

How to Install Slaughter 2 Prison Assault Game on android:

  • Download The document contains apk and Slaughter 2 data in your android smartphone.
  • Extract OBB file using Z-Archiver or any other app.
  • Cut and Paste or directly extract obb folder into mobile in -->android -->obb folder. 
  • Instll apk of Slaughter 2. 

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