Garena Free Fire (FF) with Mod APK 2.67 and 1.80 (Unlimited Health and Money)

Free Fire Mod APK Download
Get Download Links for Garena Free Fire (FF) mod APK and OBB V 1.80 (Unlimited Health and unlimited Money) and Mod APK 2.67  here in Gaming Guruji Blog and you can download many other android Games. 

So download Free Fire game mod APK of your choice and enjoy the game in the way you want.

New elaborated version of the game Garena Free Fire has been introduced as Free Fire Max for all FF lovers and many improvements has been done to keep your level of excitement high.So download Free Fire Max latest version 2.90 from play store for free, download link is given below.

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About Free Fire APK,Battle Royale Survival Game

Garena Free Fire  is a third-individual activity amusement that is straight forwardly motivated by PUBG. Where, you'll join a gathering of up to 50 players fight to the demise on a tremendous island loaded with weapons and vehicles. Just a single player will make it off of this island alive.

The controls in Garena Free Fire (FF) - Battlegrounds are basic: on the left half of the screen you have the virtual d-cushion to control your character, while on the correct side, you'll discover the catches to shoot, hunch, set down, and hop.

When you discover a weapon, box, vehicle, or an entryway, you can associate with it by tapping of a catch that shows up on the screen. In the upper right corner, you'll additionally discover your stock where you can choose the weapon you need to utilize.

Free fire battlegrounds by gaming guruji

The way the diversion creates in Free Fire - Battlegrounds is fundamentally the same as the previously mentioned PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or some other fight RoyaleBattleground-type amusement.

The amusement begins with every one of the players arrival on the island by means of parachute. When they arrive, they need to set off rushing to discover weapons and survive the assaults from whatever is left of the players.

Likewise, you need to keep an eye out for the power field that will continuously surround you as the amusement goes on. In the event that it contacts you, you're dead. Fortunately, you can utilize vehicles on the off chance that you stall out too a long ways behind.

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With Mod APK of free fire battleground ,you can aim your exact land location and this may be quite helpful in collecting item without loosing your time which will increase your chances of winning the game, also card crashes fixed,antiban,aimbot and more damage features available. So get the link of Mod APK below.

The principle contrast between Free Fire - Battlegrounds and other comparable amusements is that, rather than facilitating recreations of 100 players, there are just 50.

What's more, the span is balanced as needs be. Rather than playing for 30 minutes, most adjusts just last around 15 minutes. Fundamentally, it's a quicker and more furious PUBG Mobile.

Garena Free Fire - is a fight royale that offers an amazingly fun and irresistible amusement encounter. The diversion likewise takes up less memory space than other comparative recreations and is considerably less requesting on your Android, so for all intents and purposes anybody can appreciate playing it.

After PUBGM ban in some countries Free fire (FF) has become the 1st choice of Mobile gamers for playing Battle Royale Game and Garena is really working hard to make free fire the best battle royale game.

How to claim Free Fire Reward:

  1. Visit 
  2. Login with any one option like facebook,twitter or apple ID etc.
  3. Enter the free redemption code in the text box provided.
  4. Click confirm button.

What's New in Garena Free Fire Max Version 2.90 

  • Graphic Optimization.
  • Improved Player Motion and Effects.
  • Increased render distance.
  • New Characters and abilities

Garena Free Fire (FF) Mod APK 1.80 Features 

  1. Unlimited Money.
  2. Unlimited Health.
  3. Removed Cheat Detection.
  4. Auto Aim.
  5. Characters Unlocked.
  6. Anti Ban Feature.
  7. Shoot while Swimming.
  8. No root required.
Garena Free Fire give you opportunity to grab new items,weapons,skins,character and much more by claiming the reward.Claim the reward for free and upgrade tour weapons,items and more. Rewards will be displayed in your mail section within 24hrs after successful redemption.

What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.80 :
  1. Clash Squad Season 12 – Begins on 3/24, 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. Characters are now all free with the LINK system.
  3. New “Credit System” to reward players with good behaviors.
  4. Character skill rework: Steffie, A124, Rafael, Nikita.
  5. New in-game missions in Battle Royale Classic Mode – Hit Lists and Supply Runs.
  6. New Weapon G36 – 2 firing modes.
  7. In-game enhancements.
  8. Reduced the installation package size
What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.68 :
  1. 4-man squad, with in-game voice chat.
  2. 10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness.
  3. Survival shooter in its original form.
  4. Clash Squad.
  5. Realistic and smooth graphics.
What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.54 :
  1. Clash Squad Season 3 - Begins 09/24 17:00 SGT
  2. New Weapon - PARAFAL
  3. Updated Training Grounds
  4. Players now spawn on set locations inside the training grounds.
  5. Added nitro boost and honk on the vehicles inside the training grounds.
  6. Brand new private theatre.
  7. Grenades can now be cooked before thrown
  8. Team boost (Classic Only)
  9. Players can now jump higher by taking off from a crouched ally.
What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.44 
  1. Clash Squad will now be opened permanently!
  2. New weapon - Desert Eagle now available in Clash Squad. 
  3. New Character - Notora
  4. Lowered the difficulty to level up characters.
  5. New Advanced Attachment for Kar98k, Vss, and M14.
  6. The Anti-material launcher is now a secondary weapon.
  7. Character page UI adjustment.
  8. Players can now place markers on items for their teammates. 
  9. Dynamic weather now available in Classic mode.
What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.41 :
  • New character : Shani
  • New matchmaking System and clash squad is back.
  • New advanced attachments available.
  • New Dynamic weather.
  • Graphics update.
  • Halloween event : coming.
  • Skills improvement of character.
What's New in Garena Free Fire Version 1.39 :
  • A new character Rafeal Added.
  • There is a new tier Grandmaster now.
  • M79 is Air Drop only item.
  • Toxic zone in Bermuda-Casual only.
  • New Spawn Island.
  • New item Gatling Gun and repairing kit added.
  • Hot Zone in Purgatory.
  • New Settings for custom room.
  • Weapon stats adjustment.
  • CG-15 removed from casual and ranked.
Apart from above there are many little improvements like new settings for custom room, weapons stats adjustment,auto pick optimization and new difficulty and bosses in Death Uprising.

How to Install Garena Fire free-Battlegrounds APK  :

  1. Go to settings ->Security.
  2. Go to Security menu and check Unknown Sources check box first.
  3. Install APK but Don’t open it. (install APK first)
  4. Get the Free Fire – Battlegrounds data that is mostly in OBB format.
  5. Before installation Turn off your internet and wifi connection.
  6. Extract the Battlegrounds Data file by using any zip extractor like Zarchiver.
  7. Now after extracting you have a folder with OBB folder. Put this folder into the location sdcard or Mobile Memory/Android/obb/ and name this folder to com.dts.freefireth (Note : Don’t put the obb file without folder because you need to provide the correct path.)
  8. Now run your game without any errors.

Download Links for Free Fire Mod APK and OBB

Download Latest Original Version From Play Store for Free  

Download Free Fire Mod V 1.80  OBB Link

Download Free Fire Mod V 1.80  APK Link

Download Free Fire Mod V.2.67 APK and OBB from Third Party Link

Download Free Fire Mod V 1.68  OBB Link

Download Free Fire Mod V 1.59  OBB Link

Download Free Fire Mod APK  Link

Free Fire Battleground MOD APK and OBB (V.1.44) Link


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