PUBG Mobile Lite and New V.0.15.5 beta Update | New Features| Download

PUBGmobile V.015.5 update and PUBGM Lite version Update :
PUBG mobile has been the most played game on android , below you can find the latest update detail and links to download , one can download final version from Play Store and any new beta version as and when available from same link as provided at the bottom of the post.

Download PUBG mobile lite version if you do not have high end device. Like PUBG PC lite version , lite version for mobile has been released and available to download for free. (Link is given below)

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Download the beta version of PUBG mobile to experience the latest version features and tweaks. You can only guest login in beta version of the game and sometimes if package error is shown , you should try download it again.

More details of PUBG mobile version 0.15.5 can be read below. As you know in version 0.13.0 there was a new Godzilla styled loading screen as PUBG had partnered with movie Godzilla 2. So this time Season 10 theme is based on backdrop of mad max fury.
Pubg mobile zombie mode

With this PUBGmobile apk you can play zombie mode and also there is Resident Evil main menu theme.

PUBGmobile v.0.14.0 has been released and as you know in all beta version of PUBG there is no PUBG career game result impact,there will be seperate career mode in final version, so RP and other progress you will make in beta app of the game is not going to add in your career in final version of the game.

There are two modes in PUBG game Classic and Arcade and in the Classic mode there are 4 maps available Erangel,Miramar,Sanhok and Vikendi to play the game while in Arcade mode there are three map War,Mini zone and quick match and you can play PUBG in Single,Duos and Squad team in TPP and FPP.

In latest version of PUBG mobile there is an extra team deathmatch Mode with EvoGround mode in place of Event Mode,where you can find zombie mode too.

pubg mobile zombie mode for android

Zombie mode of PUBG mobile is very interesting as you fight with the zombies and zombies do not use any weapon but can kill you with their own quality. Like male zombies spit on you,female zombies scratches and tyrants will attack by throwing stones.

As we all know PUBG game has been trending amongst all gamers since its release. PUBG can be played on all platform and most popular version is PUBGmobile on PC with emulator and some emulator players have already got this version which you can watch in their PUBG Mobile stream on Youtube.

Expected Update in PUBG mobile Version 0.15.5 and Royal Pass season 10 :

  • New map for Team Deathmatch.
  • New Vehicle ZIMA, a hatchback Car.
  • New MP5K submachine Gun.
  • New quick Voice Chat Model 'Sara'.
  • Season 10 which will be called ' Fury of the Westland'

What's New in PUBG mobile V.0.14.0 beta update

  • New UI
  • Brand New Mode
  • Glitches and New Bug fixed

New features available in PUBG mobile v.0.13.5 update

  • New Gun PP-19 Bizon (9mm).
  • New Ocean Theme and HDR mode.
  • Better and Intuitive season Interface.
  • Automatic credit of Rewards at the end of Session.
  • Improvement in messaging system and new tier icons.
  • Tier ranking will have more impact of killing points.
  • Better visual effects and minor bug fix.

Details of PUBG mobile older Versions:

New features available in PUBG mobile v.0.13.0 update

  1. New Avatars and Frame
  2. Team Deathmatch Event in EvoGround mode
  3. New Gun Bizon (available in Erangel and Vikendi Map)
  4. Terror Fang KAR98K , new addition to the gun lab
  5. Secret cave in vikendi map, where lots of loot will be available

Pubgmobile new update v.0.13.0

New features of PUBG mobile v.0.12.0 update

  1. New explosive crossbow and new weapon RPG -7,will be available only in new event mode or zombie mode in PUBG.
  2. EvoGround Mode : 1. Zombie Darkest Night 2. Zombie Survive till dawn 2.
  3. Spectate anyone from the friend list in PUBG game.
  4. You can change Crosshair color now.
  5. Male voice may be added in quick chat.
  6. You can use Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies.
  7. You'll find jumping zombies and zombie dogs, also zombies can climb over some walls and after hitting by bullets,zombies will move slowly.
  8. New companion like pigeon or eagle, may be added like Garena Free Fire.

Some highlights of PUBG mobile v.0.11.5 update

In version 0.11.5 update, there is dynamic weather in Erangel and miramar, a new rifel G36C in Vikendi map of PUBG and a new vehicle Tukshai for Sanhok .

In the event mode, zombies will be able to enter to more places in map and you will find more zombies outside the zone,damage outside zone in the night has been increased etc.

Download PUBGmobile Beta Version for Android

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And PUBG Mobile with Royal Pass season 8, has been released and if you haven't downloaded Pubg on your mobile yet then you can download it from Play store for Free।।
Earlier Your mobile must have at least 2 GB RAM or more for smooth play and at least 4 GB free space to download and update PUBGM Game., But now PUBG mobile Lite has been launched for lower end hardware devices.

You can download the PUBGM Lite version from Play Store which is less than 500mb in size and game has been optimized for low end hardware devices. PUBG Mobile lite version can run on entry level smartphones with less than 2GB ram.

Some Features of PUBGM Lite Version :
  • Bullet Trail Adjustment
  • Enhanced Aim Assistant
  • Upgrade to Winner Pass (Replaces Royal Pass)
  • Weapon Recoil Suppression
  • Extended time to kill
  • Location Display


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